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    Solar Eclipse, Uranus, Ascendant and SN

    The Solar Eclipse of 4th December will conjunct my Uranus, which is one degree before my Ascendent conjunct my SN. Lilith will be opposite and conjunct my NN. I am trying to figure out, what that could mean. I find only that eclipse on Ascendant will be very significative, but with this natal...
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    Pluto Square Transits after 1st House Transit

    HI there! I was trying to see some of my upcoming transits and to figure them a bit out. Honestly also trying to look at them with a more positive attitude, although scared a bit. My natal Pluto is at the beginning of my 11th House. I have been first experiencing this planet conjunct Saturn...
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    Some thinking about my chart

    Hi :) I have no specific knowledge about Astrology, just fascinated by it and I try to understand what I can with the tools I have. When I look at my chart, I feel lost in a rebus if I can be honest..My way to interpret may be unorthodox and creative :D, I do not possess the specific terms and I...
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    Hi, just nice to meet you..I have joined because I have sometimes many questions about astrology, I am very curious about and find difficult not to try to ask All the best