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    What does he want with me?

    Have been talking to a guy from my past and he suggested we meet up soon. What does he want with me, what are his intentions? I like him but I do not want to waste time. Thank you in advance for any interpretations:) (charts in two styles just in case)
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    Will he come through in a Romantic sense?

    Should I wait for him to show up romantically in the next 3 months? Background: met, but he said that it was better to be friends and left. Now he actively pays signs of attention - Should I wait for him to come through in a romantic way or is it just like that for his fun? really, really like...
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    Will there be a relationship with him? (please help!)

    CONTEXT: dated a guy previously, he ended things but recently seems like he wants to come back. I really like him, but I want clarity. As last time it seemed like there will be a relationship but he abruptly cut me off. Please, please help!
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    Will he contact me soon?

    Hey guys I'm a complete noob in this so your interpretation is very needed, and I'll be very grateful for any points! Question: Will he contact me soon? Context: used to date a guy, but he drifted away. Later he tried to contact me but I was too busy. Recently we had a conversation over text...