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    Birth chart. Relationships/challenges/career/love

    Hey guys, it's not the first time im posting here, but for the first time i finally got all the 100% accurate details of my birth and i noticed some changes i my houses, and even my rising sign . They didn't want to go look for it, but i pushed and i finally received accurate birth time of my...
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    Compatibility chart?

    Hi guys, i've been dating this girl and things feel great most of the time, sometimes they feel real hard tho. Any insights on this compatibility chart would be appreciated. If you have time you could also say some things about her or mine chart, she's into astrology so i bet she would...
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    Hello guys, struggles, challenges, destiny in chart.

    Hi everyone, i always had challenges in life, i overcame them and become stronger, more wise and more dedicated, but this year feels much more stronger in everything, struggles, experiences, i'm even starting to have more vivid dreams, more like visions.I love to expand but i overcame so much...
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    Capricorn stellium chart.

    Hi there people, my friend just got into astrology a little and she would like to know more about her chart, from what i can grasp she's a cap and 10th house stellium, that makes her really into career, status and so on, i know she's hard working, puts work above anything else, other that that i...
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    Hi guys, i started dating this Virgo, i feel like there's really something good between us, could anyone give any insight on this? Appreciate your time, have beautiful day!
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    Chart 2 intense/sexuality?

    Hi there people, many people i've met over the years say i'm really fun to be around, i look alive and so on, but i'm really intense, most women i meet are attracted to me, and i want to know is that because of my looks or is there some strong sexual energy in my chart? Sometimes i feel girls...
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    Life/relationships chart

    Could anyone read this for me? I'd really appreciate your time, i'm interested in relationships and life in general, thanks in advance and have a nice day!
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    Cancer/Scorp compatibilty can anyone say anything about this chart for me it seems kinda ok. cancer sun/ scorp sun+ sag moon/aries moon + taurus mars/capricorn mars + the only thing i don't think is in favour is venus because it's leo for me and capricorn for her, anyone have any deeper...
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    Out compatibility

    Anyone can give any insight on this compatibility? Thanks in advance people! :) :joyful:
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    Dating life/ relationship

    What can you guys see about relationships/dating/love life in my chart? Thanks in advance! Have a beautiful weekend! :) :joyful:
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    Relationships with people/ love life

    Hi, i'd like to know what does astrology say about my relationships with people and about my love life, by love life i mean significant other,parner/lover/wife/girlfriend, well you get the idea, thanks in advance people and have a beautiful day! :joyful:
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    Life path/goals/career

    Hi there guys, i'm 23yrs old man, i'm a cancer with a sagittarius moon and i feel like i always knew my path and i always go towards it, i always go into human ****, like sports/psychology/movement. I'm fascinated by these things and i'm always learning about these things, i'm traveling around...
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    Whattts up everyone!

    Suuup everyone, 23yrs old man from Lithuania! I'm into astrology, psychology and human movement! Hope you're all well! Leo energy today people! :)
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    Ar we compatible?Cancer Sun v Gem Sun

    Hi there guys, so i've been dating this Gem, we seem to get a long really well, it's been quite some time and i know it's not going to work out, she's been distant and ignorant a little bit while, not talking about what bad happend to her, went on the travel didn't tell me anything about it and...