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    I hate my moon conjunct saturn

    I hate him because this conjunction gives people fears, anxieties, and this demoralizes me a lot since I have the moon in leon that is very courageous, you can tell me if this conjunction matters a lot or not? I know I'm a brave person but this aspect has totally demoralized me...
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    I hate my Mars in pisces

    since I discovered the world of astrology I have been passionate about it, but when I learned that I have Mars in Pisces I was really demoralized, I practice boxing, so I hate my Mars in Pisces. the only thing that cheers me up is that Anderson Silva (a ufc champion) has Mars in Pisces. My...
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    my Mars in pisces demoralizes me

    hello, I begin to tell you that I have the sun in taurus, the moon in leo, rising in aquarius, mercury in aries, venus in gemini, Mars in pisces in the first house, Jupiter in sagittarius , Saturn in leo, uranus in pisces, neptune in aquarius and pluto in sagittarius my birth chart I like...