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    Am I having twins

    Currently expecting and my question was "am i having twins". I wont find out for a couple weeks yet and am getting impatient so wondering if someone could look at this horary for me and give me some insight. Please and Thanks!
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    What kinds of things in a natal chart indicate that a woman will give birth to twins? Thanks!
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    Purchasing a lot

    Hello all, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could please interpret the attached chart for me! I have been so impressed with the feedback that I have gotten in the past for other horary charts I have posted. All the info given to me has been so accurate up to date, that I have to ask...
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    My inlaws keep effing with me

    My inlaws treat me like I dont matter. They act like my opinions and views mean nothing and that I dont know anything. They are constantly undermining me when it comes to my kids as well. They treat their other daughter in law 100 times better and she is pretty much the boss of the family. Are...
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    when will my inlaws start treating me with respect

    My inlaws treat me like I dont matter. They act like my opinions and views mean nothing and that I dont know anything. They are constantly undermining me when it comes to my kids as well. They treat their other daughter in law 100 times better and she is pretty much the boss of the family. Are...
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    new online venture

    My question at the time of casting the chart was, "will my new online jewelry business be successful"? If someone could please interpret this horary for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been unemployed for a long time now and so for this to be profitable is very important for me. Thanks,
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    going back to school?

    I have applied to a program at a local college which is starting in april 2015 and my question was will I get accepted into the program? this program will be the start of a career change for me. I have attached the horary chart that I casted at the time of asking. Any input would be...
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    Possibility of Marriage?

    Hi everyone, I am requesting help with my brother in law's chart. I have his permission to post this. He is wondering about marriage. He is 30 years old but cant seem to find the one to settle down with. He would like to know when marriage will be a possibility for him. If someone could take a...
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    Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur according to my natal chart? I have always wanted to be my own boss but never thought I would be good at starting my own business or even be capable of it, from a financial standpoint. Just looking for some insight, or guidance on whether I should...
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    hello all, I am currently unemployed and very depressed. Cant seem to even get an interview these days yet I think my resume/experience is pretty good. Whats going on?? Can someone maybe shed some light, and is there chance of employment soon. This is the longest I have been without a job...
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    Dreaming about snakes

    I am always having dreams about snakes. In my dream I am always running from them, feel scared and sometimes I am even attacked by them. I have periodically had these types of dreams all my life and don't know why? To rule out the obvious, I dont have an irrational fear of snakes and im pretty...
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    planning a move

    Can somebody please help interpret this horary chart for me. I cast it a while ago but am only getting a chance to post it now since I cannot upload charts from my mobile. Hopefully the chart is cast correctly. I currently own a home but am planning on renting it out and moving in with my...
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    I find vedic astrology quite interesting but often wonder if the remedies suggested for a particular issue work. I know it's mostly a matter of believing but how do you even measure if the remedy performed even worked? Say you are advised to do a certain remedy for 90 days or whatever, how do...
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    Vedic Section

    Why is the vedic forum always full of people full of desperation? In this particular section of the forum people have a tendency to post the same question 3, 4, or 5 times. I wonder why that is? I enjoy coming on here to learn astrology from experienced members but it gets quite annoying reading...
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    Business Woman Material?

    I just started a new business venture and wondering if I am going to be successful with it or am I just wasting my time and energy. It involves cv writing and career coaching. I also am thinking about making and selling cakes in the future. Is being my own boss possible or am I going to have...
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    I was reading something online and got sidetracked and came across a forum which had a discussion about something referred to as "most benevolent outcome". The belief is that if we ask our guardian angels for something and phrase it as "I am requesting a most benevolent outcome for ..." it will...
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    which type of chart for career

    What type of chart do I need to create for career interpretation specifically? I was looking at the sticky threads and not sure what options I need to select in the astro chart tool. thanks!
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    Family problems

    hoping someone will be able to look at my chart and answer some questions for me. I am not good with Vedic astrology so I thought it would be interesting to ask here and get some interpretations. I seem to be having a lot of issues with my in laws. My husband has recently become estranged from...
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    dreaming abt people I hate

    I keep having dreams about two people I have recentky become estranged with. They are husband and wife and I got into a fight with the wife about a year ago and now we no longer have any type of relationship. I am related to these people by marriage do still have to deal with them through my...
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    Crows signify death???

    Any of you believe that crows mean impending death? I've grown up believing this superstition as have generations of my family but never really experienced it until recently. Now I'm wondering if it's true or just me playing into the story! Anyhow, I've been living in my current home for just...