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    Read my chart for career

    [moved thread hijacking post - Moderator] I want to know that if I will be able to get Government Job. I am writing many Govt exams these days, so I am kinda worried.
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    Grand Water Trine in my chart?

    Hi Everyone What does Grand water Trine mean in my chart? Is it bad? Do I have to take some precautions? Thanking in advance.
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    What is kite aspect in my natal chart

    Hey guys, my friend who is beginner in astrology mentioned that I have a kite aspect in my natal chart and it is very inauspicious. Could anyone explain me what is it and is there something which can be done to remove inauspicious consequences?
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    Not sure about my future, feel lost, could someone tell me about my birth chart

    Hi everyone, Could someone help me out with my birth chart readung as I feel lost in my life. I haven't been able to achieve the goal yet I wanted to. I feel lagging behind. Someone who is a beginner to astrology said I have some Saturn Return Thing and Kite aspect in my chart so I will never...