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    Fear of being kidnaped, raped or hurt by men. Can it be explained by my natal chart?

    Since I was a little kid, I´ve had this fear. I am female and never had anything happening to me other than being followed and harassed by man on the street...but it never got physical. I wonder if this extreme fear comes from a past live? Wondering if my natal chart and placements could also...
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    Can someone please let me know if I will soon be facing any health challenges?

    According to my transit chart, does it suggest that I may go through any health challenges in the near future (next 1 or 2 years). If so, when are the estimated times when it will happen? Thank you! You can see the transit chart here:
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    How does next year look for me? Dealing with cancer, new job, relationships

    I have been dealing with chronic cancer for 5 years now and I am wondering how 2022 looks for me healthwise. Also, 1 month ago I started my first job and I am loving it so far. I'm also curious about romantic relationships, if there is anything in my transit chart indicating that I could...
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    Feeling lost about which way to go in my career/job

    Hello everyone I am curious to know what is it that my birth placements suggest regarding my career and job. I am thorn between psychology and advocacy/politics. If anyone could give share some feedback and help me interpret the chart regarding these aspects, I would really appreciate it...
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    For now (and for the next year) should I focus more on health or work?

    Given my current transits and aspects, what should I put my focus on? I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and it happened during my master. I then had a relapse, also during my masters. I have been unemployed until now and it has mostly been happening because of my disease, focusing too...
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    What is my karma and what should I do in order to heal?

    Hi everyone I have heard that past lives and our karma are associated with the Nodes but still haven´t learned enough to make an interpretation about this. According to my natal chart, how can I heal and complete my karmic lesson? I am really interested to know what is it that my natal chart...
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    Urgent: is this a good time to lend money? Will I be going through financial problems

    Hello everyone, Could you please help me analyse what my transit chart suggests about finances during this time. I need to lend money to someone and am afraid they won't pay it back in time. What does the chart indicate? Does it also indicate that I will be attracting money during this time or...
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    Never had any luck in love. Based o my transit chart, when will I probably find love?

    When is it likely that I will finally find (true) love, based on my transit chart? I just completed 27 years old and I have been in 2 relationships in the last 10 years. Each of them lasted 5 years so this is the first time I am single in 10 years. Although these relationships lasted so long, I...
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    When is it likely that I will finally find true love?

    Hello everyone I have been single for more than 1 year after being in different relationships for 10 years. I have been feeling somewhat lonely and for some reason for the last weeks I have been craving true romance... can someone help me predict when is it likely that someone important will...
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    Why am I suddenly feeling much better and more positive, especially since the eclipse

    Are there any placements or aspects that could explain me suddenly feeling much more positive after being fearful and anxious for so many weeks? It started happening in the days leading up to the eclipse. I have my ascendant and moon in cancer, and this was a cancer eclipse, could this be the...
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    How should the coming solar eclipse affect my life? (Cancer ascendant and moon)

    My ascendant is cancer and I also have my natal moon in cancer. Given this and all the transits and aspects in my chart, what should I expect from this solar eclipse? Is my life going to suffer any big changes? Thank you!
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    Suddenly everything is going wrong and I am stuck in a dark hole. I need feedback

    Please be honest with me, I can handle everything you throw at me. I am quite new at astrology and need someone to help me read my transit chart from yesterday and someone who could tell me what is likely in store for me for the next year. And if there will be chaos, how can I change that or...
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    Can transiting South Node in the 6th house indicate health problems?

    Hello everyone Very soon, the South Node will be transiting my 6th house (where my natal north node is placed), and therefore the North Node will be transiting my 12th house (where my natal south node is placed). Can anyone help me understand if this transit can have any effects on my health...