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    Pluto in 2H parallel asc

    Should i consider Pluto influencing both of the houses or only one of them ?
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    Inside a degree position of the outer planets

    Uranus , Neptun and Pluto have always been a problem or mystery in terms of sign placement . these planets spend many years in each sign so you can not realy say their sign is important in natal astrology . That is why i decided (because we analyze astrology) to check Uranus inside the degree...
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    Dispositor's aspects

    Is there any origin in modern or traditional astrology to the situation when dispositor transfers it's aspects to a planet in it's rullership sign ? For example in my chart Moon in Sag and Neptun it's dispositor in trine to Mercury Neptun transfers it's trine to Moon and Moon is also trined...
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    Is this a valid midpoint configuration

    Sat/Nep midpoint in Sagittarius 6°31’ and Mer/Jup midpoint in Pisces 6°36’ we have two midpoints in exact square to each other . Does it make sat and Nep connected to Mer and Jup in a valid midpoint configuration by hard aspect between their midpoints ?
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    2 pairs of midpoints

    2 pairs of planets and midpoints Hello , Is it possible for a midpoint to be activated by a square from another midpoint ?
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    transfer of aspects

    Hello , If planet A conjunct by parallel of declinations planet B and planet B in trine to planet C does it mean planet A is also in trine to planet C ?
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    exaltation signs

    Hello , I wanted to share the exaltation placement of all 10 planets in 12 zodiak signs acorrding to research and discovery of one russian astrologer that i believe is the correct placement . The explanation of that astrologer in his book is in my opinion too complicated so i wil put here my...
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    can not connect to site

    anybody have same problem ? or knows why and when site will return ?
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    The effect of midpoint on trine

    In my natal chart Jupiter and Venus are in trine to each other but the trine is not exect with orb of 5 deg . Jupiter Venus midpoint falls right on Asc with 0.00 orb Does this midpoint picture Ju \ Ve = Asc makes the trine of Jupiter and Venus stronger or this is possible only with planets...
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    Declination Stelliums

    If you have 3 or 4 planets which are parallel by declination one another, would they count as a stellium, and if so, would major aspect by longitude to one of the members of the declination stellium aspect all the members of the stellium .
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    is it a valid midpoint configuration ?

    In my natal chart Moon conjunct Uranus orb 0°18’ very tight Neptun is about 19 degrees far from Moon and Uranus So we can see the following midpoint picture which is possible because Moon and Uranus are conjunct : Moon \ Neptun =Uranus \ neptun and by this midpoint picture we can say Neptun...
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    parallels of declination

    How widely spread the recognition of the aspect of parallels of declinations ? or that aspect is not so popular among many astrologers ?
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    is there connection between moon and neptun ?

    In my natal chart Moon Uranus Neptun Jupiter in a 4th house stellium all 4 planets connected between themselves in close parallels of declination . I wanted to know if there is some other way of conection between Moon and Neptun beause Moon is almost full and is very bright so maybe he sends...
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    in what way planets in midpoint configuration are connected

    In my birth chart saturn in exact sextile to jupiter exactly in the midpoint of jupiter and saturn uranus and moon are located uranus and moon are in tight conjunction I have read about midpoints and could not get good enough explanation how the plants are connected ? Are Uranus and Moon in...
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    how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

    There is an agreement that Sun aspect to Uranus gives good skills in astrology fo example conjunction which is seen in many astrologers charts or a trine so my question is how does Sun interact with Uranus and what is the difference in intellectual skills , andvantages and disadvantages of...
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    looking for books in vedic astrology

    Can someone recommend books (written or translated to english ) in vedic astrology about time prediction of events combining Vimshottari Dasha system and Nakshatras and Nakshatra lords . Thank you .
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    A book about translation of light

    Is there an astrological literature that explain the rules for translation of light of higher planets Uranus Neptun and Pluto .
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    is there translation of light ?

    is there a posibility for translation of light between septener and trans saturn planets ?
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    does my mercury also feels the trine from uranus?

    in my birth chart neptun in paralell to uranus in exact orb my mercury is in 120 to neptun with tight orb does my mercury feel also a trine from uranus beacause of this strong connection between neptun and uranus by declination ?
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    directions interpretation for this year

    Hello, Thank you .