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    'No success without a good Saturn'

    Hi all, How can one know that one's Saturn is good or not? Dignities, aspects and house/sign placement. Can you tell us some examples of a 'good' Saturn?
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    How to calculate primary directions on

    If it is possible anyway.... Or just use the 4min direction = 1yr of lifespan rule? So if I was born at 10:00 so 30 years will be 12:00? What are the significators? Angles and/or house cusps? Can the IC be a significator? Can Part of Fortune be a promissor? Or only planetary bodies? Thanks :)
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    Firdaria vs. Zodiacal release?

    Which Time-Lord prediction method do you prefer and why? :)
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    Have the best period in my life been passed or yet to come?

    Hello members, 'Have the best period in my life been passed or yet to come?' My significator is Jupiter and in fall and the best period for Jupiter is to be in Sagittarius which is seen as past from Capricorn's perspective. So my best period has been passed already.....
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    12th house Sun and emigration

    Hello! I've heard that 12th house Sun natives usually emigrate at some point in their lives. Many Vedic astrologers say that. But what's the Western Astrology viewpoint about this?
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    How can we know if a 'big' year is coming from the Solar Return chart?

    Hello! What I should look for in the Solar Return chart if I want to know if it will be a significant year with life changing events ahead?
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    A wonderful explanation of the Yod configuration

    Hello! I've found this in an FB group by Victor Sverelkin.
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    Saturn-Pluto conjunction will occur in my 7th house

    Hello! Saturn will meet Pluto in my 7th house during my Jupiter Return. Jupiter conjunct my descendant natally so I think there will be some changes in my marriage. Jupiter rules my 6th and 10th. Work and career implemented through marriage/relationship. Which is true because I run a small...
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    Does moving to another country affect my dasha periods?

    Hello! I'm on my Saturn mahadasha currently which is about to end in a month. But in 2014 I moved from Hungary to Malaysia. Astrologers here say that every birthday I have spent here in Malaysia extends my Saturn mahadasha by another 8 years. So it's a total of 40 years because I have spent...
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    Transition from Saturn mahadasha to Mercury mahadasha

    Hello! Is the transition between mahadashas quick and sudden or slow and steady? I will experience it December this year. June 2nd, 1984, 7:15am Budapest, Hungary
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    Will I win the smartwatch that I'm bidding on eBay?

    VOC Moon and seperating significators in Via Combusta.... It's a big no....
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    Is this quintile out of orb?

    Between Pluto and Jupiter. If it's a valid quintile then can you help me to interpret? There's not so much info on minor aspects.... Thanks :)
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    Thinking about to start a career as a truckdriver

    I'm Jupiter and I'm in 9th house of higher thinking and ideas. And as I approach the MC.... ideas become career. But both Moon and 6th ruler Sun are in a seperating aspect. And Saturn in the 10th of career with South Node. So a lot of hurdles, financial problems (Moon in 2th) are at sight.
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    If I have Sun in 12th house as an apex planet of my Yod.....

    .... should I strengthen or dissolve the ego in order to solve the puzzle of my Yod? Thanks.
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    Astrologers say: 'Saturn delays but never denies'.....

    .... But what are those aspects/placements which actually deny (and prevent something to happen in the native's life)?
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    Fellas who have Saturn in 5th house.... How's your love life? :)

    And how old are you? Is it true that it will be easier with time?
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    How to deal with planets in intercepted sign?

    Especially if the sign ruler is intercepted.... So the key is locked into the car :)
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    Does Via Combusta apply on natal charts, too?

    Astrologers say that Via Combusta is associated with 'malefic' Mars/Saturn energies. I have Mars and Saturn conjunct in Via Combusta in my natal chart in Scorpio.
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    Very thick and arched eyebrows....

    Hello! I have very thick eyebrows sometimes I have to "comb" it. I heard that's a Martian quality. I have my natal Mars in Scorpio trines my Cancer ASC. What do you think?
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    Significator of Querent is domicile in 1st house

    What does that mean? ASC ruler in 1st house and retrograde... Thanks :)