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    Will there be a development?

    Hi guys! Based on the chart im mercury and he is a jupiter. I have just initiated a little contact after two month of silence. Maybe thats why my mercury is placed into his third house of communication and mars is in his first house. However, he feels good on its own, maybe there is some...
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    Will the relationship involves?

    Will the relationship evolves? I will put another chart for the future update. As my previous chart showed, there could be some kind of fling with this partner but strictly sexual. Here is the new chart. So, both moon and saturn are located into each others turned 8 house. This proves to me the...
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    Will there be a romantic relationship?

    Hi guys! Long time no see! So i have casted a chart regarding the boy with whom i have an everyday conversations via online but we rarely meet and never developed something more. Both of us in my first house, making an aspect with our fifth and eights house ruler. Which makes me think that...
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    How could i interpret this?

    Hi guys, i need help in this case. What kind of significator should we take for another person, who i like but have a friendly-flirty relationship? We are just writing and only saw each other once in a friiendly situation. So would it be fifth house or eleventh house for him? Afterwards i will...
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    is there any potential?

    Hi guys! So far, my horary charts told us true stories. I began new relationship a week ago, but I do not know, my inner voice tells me that there is no future between us, as he is going to move abroad (only after 1 year but still). So I casted a chart. There will be a trine between Jupiter and...
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    Will i continue working after trial period ends?

    Hi guys! I have a trial period of working until the end of August. Recently, i have a complicated Relationship with my supervisor and the fault is on me, as i told her something very rude(unintentionally). Based on the chart, what would you say, Will our relationship improves and will i get the...
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    Is he in a different relationship?

    Hi guys, i would like to have a help in interpreting of this chart. Me mercury, him jupiter will have a positive aspect however, i doubt there is someone else. Moon is in his house, also mars - ruler of his fifth house is in his house , this girl has some interest too and might be from his...
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    What does my employer thinks about me?

    Hi guys, Last few days I am thinking that my employer does not want me to continue working there. So i casted a chart. It is an early asc degree, which i think means that its too early to have some conclusion on this matter. You can understand how i feel, as mars is in my eights house... I do...
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    Will there be a problem because of lying?

    Guys, I need a helping hand. I had to lie at my job about passing some exam. So right now I maybe have to represent a proof about passing it. My question is whether my lie will be disclosure and if I have a problem because of it in general. I dont see any applying aspect between mercury and...
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    temporary or permanent break up? Dissapointed -_-

    Hi guys! long time no post, as I was just feeling good in my relationship. First time I had very serious one and suddenly we just broke up. The reason was his instability towards emotion (as i find out he was not sure about his feelings :)) ) My interpretation of the chart: Me as a venus...
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    Will I get this job?

    HI guys, Due to Corona virus I am searching for a job opportunity since April. Earlier Horary chart showed that I could not get any until October. So I casted it again now after several months, as i am going to apply for a very interesting job position in a Legal field (I am a lawyer). I...
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    Is he going to make a move?

    HI guys, Long time no post here about relationship ^^ I have break up situation and I would like to understand whether he is going to make a move to restore our relationship or not. For me, it is doubtful, both of our signs are in their own signs and 12th of houses, hidden matters. also, him...
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    Will I get job in following month? need help

    Hi guys, I am trying to find a legal job as a lawyer. the chart for me seems positive, except the ruler of MC is saturn, which is retrograde. So i think I will get a job but there will be delays? Thank you in advance for your answers
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    Will there be positive response from them?

    Hi guys! I hope everything goes well with you ^^ I am in the negotiation between two professors from different countries. one of them (my former employer from abroad) wants to perform lectures in my country, however another side remains in silence, even so from the start they liked the idea...
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    Will I get this job?

    Hi guys! I need your help. After pandemic started, I returned to my country, but I am without any job right now. I am waiting for one interview, the vacant place is the lawyer, so it is the law department. From this chart, mars has no aspect to the moon, but on the other hand, my moon has good...
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    will there be new beginning in our relationship?

    Guys, I have casted a chart, this is the question on which i was thinking quite a long time. will there be new beginning between us? So, to start with, our saignificators sun and uranus do apply, but in his house of end matters, and another case it the burnt mercury, which confuses me. So, I...
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    Will i have problem with law if i give the document to third person?

    Guys, I need your help. there is some document a person asked me to give another one. Will I have problem to the law if i do this? Plz, I need your advice. my significator and the moon in my 8th house
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    Will I get good job in following 3 months?

    Hi guys, I need some help <3 after 2 years I have returned to my country, gaining the masters diploma in Law. So, rght now I need to start everythin from the very begining. because of corona virus, I am not sure whether I will be able to get a job in Law field. So I would like to know if I do...
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    Distance issue resolved?! His reaction?

    Hi guys, most of you may recognize me. I was posting about long distance realtionship which failed due to some misunderstandings. So, the thing is that, because of corona virus I am going back to my country, where he lives. So, I casted the chart 1 week ago with the question: what will be his...
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    Is it over between us?

    Hi guys! I casted a chart with the question: is it over between us? I would appriciate your thoughts about it