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    Taylor Swift.. guess her ascendant.

    How are we supposed to “ask her”? 😂 Ps. On Astrotheme the tob has changed. Now it says: 5:17AM AS Scorpio!!
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    Composite Moon conjunct AC

    LoL I know! My question is focused on this aspect and the different meanings that this specific aspect can have. I am not looking for a full reading.
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    Composite Moon conjunct AC

    Composite Moon conjunct AC in the sign of Scorpio. I read online that this can be a very emotional Relationship. Also the moon is conjunct Nessus.
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    Composite Nessus conjunct Ascendant

    I have Composite Nessus conjunct Sagittarius AC by 1degree, inside the 12th house, with one of my coworkers. We have been working together for at least 1 year and one day I decided to ask her about her birth time/date/place so I could look at her birth chart and our Composite chart. Anyway, I...
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    North Node square Venus

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    Mars in partner's 3rd house but conjunct the IC?

    How does this aspect play out in synastry? His Mars falls in my 3rd house but is also conjunct my IC by 0.20 degrees.
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    Asteroid Child conjunct Mars in Synastry

    I have my Asteroid Child conjunct a close person's Mars 0.01 degrees. They're also conjunct my AC in my 12th H. How does it play out in synastry?
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    Dejanira conjunct Ascendant - Natal

    What you said was accurate! I used to get bullied a lot especially back in school (Elementary, Middle and High school). I have Nessus in Scorpio in the 9th House (Placidus), 10th House (House Equal and Whole Sign). These are the aspects: - Nessus square Mars - Nessus sextile Uranus, Neptune...
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    My Lilith is Retrograde -

    What's the difference between the Retrograde Lilith and the Non-Retrograde Lilith? I have Lilith Retrograde in my Natal Chart, in the sign of Gemini.
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    Dejanira conjunct Ascendant - Natal

    I have Dejanira conjunct my Aquarius Ascendant in my birth chart, (tight conjunction - 1 degree) Dejanira falls in my 12th H, also in Aquarius. What does this aspect mean in astrology?
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    12th House dreams and nightmares *SYNASTRY*

    I keep having nasty nightmares about a person that I work with. We are not friends, but get along well. I don't have any of his planets in my 12th house but I keep seeing him in my nightmares. I dream that I am being chased by him, yelled at, slammed to the ground etc. Unfortunately I don't know...
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    Mars in partner's 12th house also conjunct their AC

    What does it feel like when someone's Mars is conjunct your AC but inside of your 12th house?
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    SYNASTRY: My Mars conjunct their Venus (Leo)

    Hey ElenaJ, you mean synastry chart? Because I was talking about Synastry not Natal. Update: I just found a video on Youtube Mars conj Venus in Synastry that explained everything I needed to know, especially the reason why the Venus person could act in that way! :)
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    SYNASTRY: My Mars conjunct their Venus (Leo)

    I have noticed that EVERY TIME that my Mars is conjunct their Venus ( In the sign of Leo around the 25.00 degrees), they often end up acting in a very odd way. It seems like they dislike me but at the same time they can't stop talking to me and following me around -barbecue,work, even...
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    READ my Chart

    I'm just curious to know what you guys think about my chart. Thanks
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    Which LILITH should I look at?

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    Mars and Venus in partner's 12th house?

    How does the house person feel and how does the planet person act ? Both Mars and Venus are in the sign of Capricorn, conjunct each other.
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    My MOON in partner's Stellium

    How does this play out?
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    How to figure out people's Ascendant?

    I know it's not easy and you can't really just look at the physical appearance to find out other people's ac. My question is: What do you mainly look at when you want to find out someone's Ascendant?