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  1. cancerman

    Astronomical sex drive? Adults only! :P

    A: your a :cancerimg: as am I :biggrin: B: :mars: in :leoimg::conjunct: :venus:in :leoimg:conjunction being (energy is combined with and leo is a sexy love loving and sex loving sign :biggrin: C: :mars: and :venus::square: :pluto:; pluto being associated with power sex and all that stuff and...
  2. cancerman

    Leo rising charts

    ok so it's gotten just plain wierd I have been into astrology for like 6 months now and I on occasion will go to and pull a chart for that day and time just to see what happening I have also asked a few horary question to give tikana her daily horary fix and the freaky thing is every...
  3. cancerman

    Hi everyone!

    lookout for that cancerman guy he's weird :pouty: and welcome to AW!!!!!
  4. cancerman

    Right brain or left brain ??

    left brain 25% right brain 75% :whistling:
  5. cancerman

    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    once your in the harem you never leave mwahahahahahaha :w00t:
  6. cancerman

    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    man your fast!!!!!!! wanna join the harem??? :w00t:
  7. cancerman

    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    when you go to the live chat you have to click on the rooms button on the right hand side then just click the top room *astrologers room* or soemthing like that then click enter all the other rooms are very rarely used :w00t:
  8. cancerman

    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    you know your an astrology junky when you belong to the astrology weekly live chat know who you are :tongue:
  9. cancerman

    Your Astrology Weekly Screen Name

    chose cancerman cause I am a cancer and a male but I should have picked cancernova :w00t:
  10. cancerman

    spirit in my house

    good idea steph will have to try that and I've been seeing things my whole life lol gotten used to them so now when I see something odd I just say "meh" and move on :sleeping:
  11. cancerman

    spirit in my house

    thanks boogers :)
  12. cancerman

    spirit in my house

    mebbe spicey, mebbe :wink:
  13. cancerman

    spirit in my house

    ya meh nothing new to me just wanted to share it
  14. cancerman

    spirit in my house

    so it's late I'm up by myself as usual (I like my late night me time) was standing in my room enjoying my new strings for my bass and I look out my bedroom door and down the hall towards the kitchen and standing there in plain view if only for a second was a man full on head to toe dude lol...
  15. cancerman

    The Stella Awards

    I feel slightly dumber for reading these verdicts...if thats possible :pinched: wish I had no soul and could sue over dumb stuff like that much enjoyed :)
  16. cancerman


    ROBOTS!!!!!! welcome to AW :lol:
  17. cancerman

    thread number one.

    lol cancerman gets even more cancer I am an earth sheep (cancer) with dwagon companion lol :crying: BAAAAAAAAAAAA
  18. cancerman

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    MURRY KRYSTMUS!!!!! from the peencher ho ho ho :lol: :cancerimg:
  19. cancerman

    Spiritual Leaders and Fixed Signs Chart Axis

    I think it's interesting no much to say rite now as I just woke up :sleeping: I am a Leo asc, Scorp IC, aqua desc and taurus MC
  20. cancerman

    Help analyzing natal chart

    charliew176 wilson has a link in his signature it's a good site for basic chart interpretation really got me kick started :cool: