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  1. Taurus81

    stumped by stellium yod combo (and pisces mc)

    i have a stellium of personal planets (sun merc venus mars and chiron) in 11th taurus, making a yod with 5th libra pluto and 6th sagi neptune, with uranus/vertex loosely between those two and opposite the focal point ..also baffling me is the pisces mc.. identity of purpose def muddled, common...
  2. Taurus81

    Complicated Yod?

    i am having trouble with my yod because it points to my 11th house taurus stellium (sun, merc, venus, mars, and chiron), particularly the merc/venus conjunction midpoint, which opposes a uranus/vertex conj (kinda loosely but is combined with 11th house strength and south node in 8th aquarius...
  3. Taurus81

    new to community, read it for years :)

    hi all :) i finally decided to begin joining groups (except i used to be in some myspace astrology groups before i all but abandoned myspace). im the mother of two, and i live in upstate ny. im going to college right now but even at my age (saturn return last year) im still not sure what im...