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  1. Quixotic

    10 year age difference, Same sun & moon. Synastry insight?

    I just started seeing this guy recently, we're 10 years apart almost to the day. (about a week and a half a part) and we have the best chemistry I've ever had with anyone I just met. I'm curious to get some insights on the potential of our synastry! Attached is chart & aspect table
  2. Quixotic

    Rank of Fame in personal Read Me chart

    I'm curious as how my chart looks in this method. I don't know too much about traditional astrology and I'm currently pursuing a career in modeling. I'd appreciate any input.
  3. Quixotic

    Jupiter and Saturn tattoos~!

    So here are my Jupiter and Saturn tattoos, I've been planning them for some time now and I finally took the plunge and got them. The symbols were slightly reworked to give it a more personal touch, my reasons for getting these tattoos rest mainly on my birth chart and how powerful and...
  4. Quixotic

    Old soul?

    I've always been told that I not only appear older than I am, but that I also behave quite a bit older than I am. I also feel so confident in just living, and being human. It's a little difficult to explain, I guess I have a general sense of wisdom. I am curious if there are any indicators of...
  5. Quixotic

    Is there a reason why I always feel like an outsider in groups of friends?

    For as long as I can remember, I've never been a part of a group of friends. I've always been on the outside of groups. Friends with one or two people at a time, but never truly a part of a whole group. If I ever did find a group of friends it was through a romantic relationship and not one of...
  6. Quixotic

    Why am I annoyed at everything he says?

    I am literally annoyed to the point of screaming at every little thing that comes out of my boyfriend's mouth. I have no idea why. But even being around him I get over come with a sense of irritation. Any insight would be most helpful. This has been happening for almost a week now.
  7. Quixotic

    Does he like me as well?

    Hey all, I've been struggling with my own feelings for this new guy in my life. Does he like me as well? Even if its purely attraction? I've been heavy crushing on him and it makes me nervous. I'd like any and all input that you guys have. I think we have potential, I'm going to attach our...
  8. Quixotic

    Will my friend and I move to Chicago?

    Both of us are looking for a fresh start and Chicago is the city we both want to move to. Is there any indication that we'll make it happen?
  9. Quixotic

    Will I break up with my current BF?

    I've recently obtained feelings for someone new in my life and I feel like I've fallen out of love with my current boyfriend. Does it seem like I'll stay with my current BF or move onto someone new? Please, any and all help is appreciated. I often go to astrology for answers that I can't seem...
  10. Quixotic

    Potential romance, just physical or something more?

    Hey all, I'm terrible at reading synastry charts. If you could help me out with reading this I would be very VERY thankful. I have this friend, and there is an undeniable amount of chemistry between us; problem is, I'm not sure if its just a physical attraction or something more. Is there...
  11. Quixotic

    Autoimmune disease, anything present?

    Hey guys, I've had joint pain all my life (total Capricorn, right?), and recently I've been referred to see a Rheumatologist because they suggest that I most likely have an Autoimmune disease, most likely Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromayalgia or lupus. I was curious to know if you guys see...
  12. Quixotic

    Is there anything in my chart that points to potential fame?

    Are there any aspects or positions that point to me possibly achieving fame? I've always wanted it, so I'm very curious.
  13. Quixotic

    What type of relationships am I prone to?

    What kind of person does my chart show me to be while in a relationship? And what type of relationships am I prone to?
  14. Quixotic

    Pluto and Jupiter as singletons?

    Hey all; what are your interpretations of having 1 planet in 1 house all on its own? Also, my pluto seems to have no aspects to it; what does that mean for me?
  15. Quixotic

    Psyche within 3 degrees of Jupiter in 12th?

    I've tried to read my chart when adding Psyche and Eros; I feel like they reveal interesting points within the persons birth chart, and with my Psyche so close to Jupiter in 12th, I'm curious what this could mean for me. Thank you to any and all who help me out with this. :lol:
  16. Quixotic

    Eclipse's causing nightmares of terrifying proportion?

    Hey all, this might be a silly connection, but I just had another nightmare, this one being extremely different than my last nightmare. This one played more on my emotional fears. I had a dream where I felt like I had been possessed by a dark presence. The last time I had a horrible dream that...
  17. Quixotic

    Lunar Eclipse caused horrific nightmare?

    Hey all, this might be a silly connection, but I just had another nightmare, this one being extremely different than my last nightmare. This one played more on my emotional fears. I had a dream where I felt like I had been possessed by a dark presence. The last time I had a horrible dream that...
  18. Quixotic

    Relocation chart; interesting discovery.

    I decided to do a relocation chart for when I lived in Columbus Ohio, I'm now back in AZ, where I was born. When I was in Columbus, I didn't feel like myself, I found myself unable to connect or interact with people as I normally did. I felt very shut off to the rest of the world, and very...
  19. Quixotic

    Which planet would you deem my chart ruler?

    I've been curious about this for a while; and I know there are many methods on figuring which planet is the ruling planet over the chart. If you do provide who my chart ruler is, could you please tell me why it is? Which method do you prefer?
  20. Quixotic

    Jupiter in the 12th house, what are your interpretations?

    I've tried to do a lot of research on having Jupiter in the 12th house, because for me, its one of the most interesting placements for me. The 12th house being the house to represent secrets and things unseen, and Jupiter being the planet of luck, I feel like its given me a certain advantage...