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  1. StillOne

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Who here has Mercury in Scorpio? Thoughts? Do you find it intense? Deep? Sexual? Challenging? Do you like to dig deep into your interests? Do you tend to overthink things? Research things to death? I've also read that Mercury in Scorpio can give quick hand-eye coordination and manual...
  2. StillOne

    Jeff Bezos

    I find it pretty interesting what's happened to Jeff Bezos in the recent months. The world's richest man was essentially forced to announce his divorce by the owners of the National Enquirer or they would publish sensitive photos of him and his mistress. He has now decided to challenge the would...
  3. StillOne

    Challenged Chart

    I met a woman a few months ago and have slowly gotten to know her better. She just turned 30 the other day (Tuesday Sept 11) and was pulled over twice on her birthday for apparently no reason. Both officers tried to pick up on her also. The very next day, she was involved in a low speed hit...
  4. StillOne

    Narcissists have thicker, denser, more distinct eyebrows, according to a new study

    "...according to a new study, published in the Journal of Personality, you may be able to detect a narcissist by focusing on one particular facial feature — their eyebrows." "...results showed it was distinctiveness that was key — narcissists tended to have darker, thicker, more distinctive...
  5. StillOne

    Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs and Farts Well isn't there a reason it's named Uranus?! :tongue: :innocent:
  6. StillOne

    Trying to find a good day to talk to my boss about pay

    I'm looking for a good day to talk to my boss about my pay. Hopefully I can find a good day to talk to him in the next couple of weeks. I'm not really certain what to even look for in a chart. The ruler of my 10th house is either Neptune (modern) or Jupiter (trad). Neptune is currently...
  7. StillOne

    Romance/Relationships Yield Sorrow

    So I finally figured this out! When I begin a romance things are largely exciting, like with most people. However, as the romance starts building sadness overcomes me. I never really picked up on it as that before, since there's always so many emotions flying at that time. However, it never...
  8. StillOne

    Eclipse and now the Stock Market is down 666!

    Wow, very interesting week with the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse followed by the Stock Market exhibiting the most volatility in some time. The Stock Market also finished down 665.75 points today. Not the be(a)st number to end down... :devil: :bandit: :ninja: Thoughts?
  9. StillOne

    Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

    Watch yourself! :devil:
  10. StillOne

    Astro Reduce/Increase Orbs

    At what orb do you like to run your charts on For natal, I'll initially set it at 85% to get an overview. Then, depending on what I'm looking for, I'll move from 10% to 110% to see how the aspects evolve. For progressed to natal charts I'll use 30% and check the additional tables...
  11. StillOne

    Full Moon in Sag!!

    Who else is fired up on this Moon?! I have so much energy it's crazy!!
  12. StillOne

    Here's why we abbreviate pounds as lbs

    Most abbreviations are clearly derived from their root word, like "pt" for pint. But the abbreviation for pound is a very special exception. "lb" is*an abbreviation of the latin word libra. Libra is widely known as the astrological sign for balance. But, it was also part of the roman unit of...
  13. StillOne

    The Outer Planets Are Real! So what do we do with them?

    So I'm of the opinion that the Outer Planets* have influence in at least natal astrology. The question is what is the most optimum way of including them? From a Traditional Astrology perspective they do not have value. The Outers don't fit in the table of essential dignities and thus present a...
  14. StillOne

    Part of Fortune in Modern Astrology

    Does anyone use the Part of Fortune in delineating natal charts in Modern Astrology? I typically don't look at it... besides maybe for certain situations. However, the good dr. farr mentioned recently that it's one of his top things to consider while looking at a natal chart (if I recall...
  15. StillOne

    Modern Predictive Techniques

    I'm trying to get more into prediction and was curious to know what your favorite predictive techniques are and why. It doesn't necessarily have to be limited to "modern" techniques. Any technique you are having success with would be appreciated. I currently use transits, progressions and...
  16. StillOne

    Is she attracted to me?

    Curious to know if our new friendship has the possibility of moving beyond just being friends? My natal chart has conflicting messages at this point with the transits going on. What does the horary say? I think the chart fits. She's a Gemini Sun and I'm a Gemini Moon. I'm Mercury in the 7th...
  17. StillOne

    Liquid Water on Pluto?

    A comet strike on Pluto hints it may be hiding a giant, habitable ocean 2016-11-16 20:16:03.886 GMT (Business Insider) Two new studies of Pluto suggest the enigmatic ice ball was walloped by a giant comet, and that it is hiding a very big secret: liquid water. If two groups of scientists are...
  18. StillOne

    Question on Full Moon

    Who is more restless during Full Moons? Have trouble sleeping? Last night I didn't sleep all that well but I woke before my alarm with an abundance of energy that has carried well into the day already. Does anyone else experience unusual phenomena during Full Moons? FYI: My chart ruler is...
  19. StillOne

    Uranus - The Rebellious Eccentric

    This thread is to discuss all things Uranus! With Sun conjunct Uranus in my Scope, I feel that I intimately relate to the modern concepts of the planet Uranus: rebelliousness, unconventionality, eccentricity, electricity, change, etc. I also have Uranus currently transiting my 10th house and...
  20. StillOne

    Crazy Encounter

    Crazy Encounte So I met someone online a few weeks ago and blah blah blah blah...