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  1. StarNur

    Saturn/Pluto Complete Grand Cross

    For the past month we've been discussing marriage. He actually wants to get married by the end of this month. I was all for it... until mercury went retrograde. I initially thought his birthday was in 1981, but just found out during mercury rx that it is in fact in 1982. To my horror, this...
  2. StarNur

    Great Synastry; Challenging Composite

    This one has had me thinking for a while. I have wonderul synastry with my fiance, except for two aspects (mars squ pluto and uranus op moon both of which he has natally). Our composite chart, however, looks very difficult: namely 7th hs pluto, 1st moon, 11th hs sun t-square. Which one...
  3. StarNur

    Stolen or Missing Passports

    Message Deleted Found both passports in two different locations outside the home. :happy:
  4. StarNur

    Pluto square Mars

    I know someone with this aspect. But have a hard time pinpointing what this aspect is about because I think he hides/controls it so well. Mars is in Capricorn in the 12th house square to Pluto in Libra in the 9th. He probably has an overactive subconscious, secret enemies and a bad temper...
  5. StarNur

    Full Moon conjunct Natal Pluto and Vertex

    Im curious as to what change or turning point, if any, may occur at this time... I had planned on traveling in a mountainous region around this time but now Im hesitant.. Mars/Uranus 11th hs is also square natal Venus/Neptune 7th hs. Pluto and Vertex are in my 6th house... the only aspect...
  6. StarNur

    Higher Education?

    Based on this SR would you predict starting higher education this year? I applied for a part-time Master's program, so I can still work full-time. Im still waiting for the university's response. Currently, I'm working overseas, yet the university is in North America so I plan on doing courses...
  7. StarNur

    April 18th Marriage?

    What would u predict for a marriage on April 18th if.... Venus will be stationary direct at 29 deg Pisces Venus will be conjunct Mars and Uranus in Pisces: -in my 11th house (11th hs ruler Uranus, is in the 6th house and trine Moon) -in his 2nd house (2nd hs ruler Neptune, is in 11th hs and...
  8. StarNur

    What could this chilly and painful episode mean?

    Late last night before I was about to go to sleep I went on the internet for five minutes to check my yearly horoscope. As I was reading about the benefits of Jupiter moving into Aquarius, my sun sign, I began getting a cold and icy feeling. I don't have any reason to believe this cold feeling...
  9. StarNur

    Who new Venus could be so boring!

    I have some very attractive transits at the moment.... tVenus is making a round over my 10th hs Sun/Mars/Mercury. tMars is also conjunct my 7th hs Venus/Neptune tSun is conjunct my Venus/Neptune tMoon is conjunct my Jupiter Things however have been far from fun... Plans have been cancelled...
  10. StarNur

    Venus in Synastry

    I have Venus/Neptune conjunct someone's Sag Moon/Mars/Neptune which happen to be in my 7th house!! So you can imagine how im feeling about this guy....I think im seeing things i want to see...If it's not mutual i need to snap out of it... Im not really physically attracted to him... he's not...
  11. StarNur

    Best Transits To Have On Your Wedding Date

    Any experiences from married people who feel they are in a successful and loving long-term marriage? What transits did you have on your wedding date?
  12. StarNur

    Love Predictions for Sept 15 Full Moon

    What would you predict, a rekindled relationship or a break up with a Libra rising Virgo man, considering the following transits... Transiting Virgo Sun conjunct natal North Node in the 5th house Tr Virgo Sun opposite Tr Pisces Moon/Uranus all square my natal Venus/Neptune in the 7th. (A...
  13. StarNur

    Transits for Attraction/Sex Appeal?

    This past month Ive been asked out by many men, asked on dates even marriage, asked to be taken home, etc, my phone is ringing off the hook from guys I barely even know or even talked to. Really these events are out of the ordinary in my life. Maybe my head's just expanding? I don't consider...
  14. StarNur

    Career for 10th Hs Aqua

    Hi, what career would you suggest for someone with the following in their chart: Planets in or aspecting planets in 10th house Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunct in Aquarius the 10th house Mercury conjunct Capricorn MC Mercury exactly (and Mars and Sun) opposite Jupiter in Leo Jupiter in the 4th...
  15. StarNur

    Aqua vs. Taurus: Why cant we just get along??

    HI, I'm an Aqua and sharing an appartment with a Taurus, who was not my choice to live because we were paired to live together by the company we work for. I cant seem to get along with her. She even has an Aqua moon, Gem merc, Libra mars, and Aries venus that all postively aspect my Aqua...
  16. StarNur

    Indicators of "Type A Personality"

    According to , [/LIST] I'm afraid that this describes my behaviour/personality as of late. At least the impatience, irritation and anger part of it. It only seems to be getting worse and I'm getting worried. I'm having less and less patient and...
  17. StarNur

    What transits could have triggered a miscarriage?

    My friend suffered four months of a painful pregnancy to find out today that she miscarried. Im so sad! She wont even talk to me about it or let me see her. She's all by herself with three kids, no family and her husband is south of the border. Im very worried about her. What transits could...
  18. StarNur

    Hows this day for an engagement?

    Saturday Aug 18, 2007 7pm Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus Rx conj in Leo at the end of the 7th house. Opposite Neptune in the 1st Trine Pluto in the 11th Jupiter Opposite Mars Moon square Asc Unaspected Uranus
  19. StarNur

    Predictions using '08 SR

    Can anyone predict what might be in store for 2008 using this solare return. Btw saturn will return at the end of that year too!
  20. StarNur

    Venus Stationary = Best Time To Get Hitched?

    I read somewhere (I can't remember where) that when Venus is stationary -either right before it goes retrograde or right before it goes in direct mode again - that it is the optimum time for beautitification and decoration. How about for something as serious as an engagement and marriage? I...