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  1. Damabiah

    Occulist natal chart?

    Hello everyone :wink: I need to know... what are the best astrological placements for an occulist? Does my natal contain this kind? It's hard to find valuable information on the internet because people do not seem to be saying the same things. I dont know who and what to trust. I asked an...
  2. Damabiah

    No vocation but full 6th and 10th house

    Hi 3veryone i need help To understand what is my value. Stellium (venus, neptune, uranus) in 6th house + mars and north node in 10th. I have mars aries in 10th. It's supposed to be powerful as a placement in the chart but I do not feel that. I have not yet found my vocation: whistling: I...
  3. Damabiah

    Part of death/perversion?

    Hello, everybody. :tongue: I have a question 4 u Venus & neptune conjunct part of death? Mars conjunct part of perversion? What does that mean? :surprised: It's not good? ... :pouty: Thank you.
  4. Damabiah

    Asteroid KARMA, MOIRA, ATROPOS conjunction synastry

    Karma conjunct north node of each one. Moira conjunct Moira Atropos conjunct Atropos :surprised: hu? What does that mean? I know it's related to destiny ... but is it good or bad? I think no, am I right in thinking no? I ask myself a lot of questions now ... Would someone be kind enough to...
  5. Damabiah

    Help me plz idont wanna die..

    Hello everyone i need your help please... because i dont have another help now and i thino my life is in danger.. I really need your help ... I am currently in a relationship with someone who makes me wrong. It may be too late ... I'm in my worst year for life, a lot of things are happening...
  6. Damabiah

    Grand trine with pallas?

    Hello everyone i need help.. I have a grand trine with pallas and i want know what he mean. Grand Trine Jupiter in 25° Pisces (9th house) Pallas in 25° Scorpio (4th) Ascendant in 25° Cancer (12th) Sorry for my english language im french talker but and i understand. :w00t: thanks for report
  7. Damabiah

    Psychopath aspects help

    Hello guys, i need ur help please :unsure: What's psychopaths typical chart aspect... And what type of chart the view the most psychological personality? I think my fiancé dont love me and i think he is dangerous for me.. I realize a lot of things.... (Short story about) [astrology sign of my...
  8. Damabiah

    Charts patterns

    Helllo everyone :tongue: What are the meanings of planar drawings? Can someone tell me more about this? I was told that some had advantages.... but I dont see why because I am often sad and i feel stranger its difficult i feel alone. Thanks for generous people. My patterns; 1.Grand Trine...
  9. Damabiah

    Hello im nice to meet u

    Hello everyone! :biggrin: I am happy to see the full range of information found here. I am Canadian, my first language is French. As much to inform you immediately then excuse my English it is rotten. I have since .... more than a week BACK in astrology. I was interested basic as everyone, you...