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  1. dandelionnn

    Is he really serious about me like he says he is?

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  2. dandelionnn

    Why do i make enemies so easily

    Not just with women, but with men too! We end up hating eachother even though i've done nothing wrong! They start things with me out of the blue and then next thing you know i get fired up and say things i don't mean. I am a very soft, sensitive, sweet girl...i can be sarcastic and crude...
  3. dandelionnn

    I reunited with this man and had a fun time with him, will this go anywhere, yes or n

    no? Hello, I've met this man and we have hung out and had a good time and so I'm wondering if it'll go anywhere from there based on this chart? My question was born exactly on the date and time recorded on this chart. I'm the querent so my Ascendant is in Virgo which means that Mercury is...
  4. dandelionnn

    Is what the Psychic prophesied for me true, or was he full of it

    He told me I would find the man that I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with at a certain time. He told me where it could be and what he would look like as well as his Zodiac sign. Will I really meet someone? Almost all the planets are in the first house and no 5th and 7th house, does...
  5. dandelionnn

    So completely misunderstood. I'm totally concerned about my love life, can you help?

    I RELOADED MY CHART I have the worst luck ever in love. Maybe I'm not meant to be in love, who knows...My mother never found her man, maybe I wont. I just know I was never good enough, ever. Men always seemed to shun me after I got too emotionally close and then would find somebody "better"...
  6. dandelionnn

    What could the love of my life look like physically once I meet him someday

    Jupiter in the 7th house trines Venus in the third house, could that mean I'll meet him in a social situation?
  7. dandelionnn

    Do you think this would be a lasting couple?

    Now I understand what Astrologers mean by angles like Vertex conjunct another persons planet and how it has a "karmic" feeling to it. I have Saturn conjunct Vertex and Vertex square Venus in synastry and I feel like he's my soul mate...I thought I was delusional. But who knows, maybe I am. I...
  8. dandelionnn

    Someone told me that I have Jupiter in the ARIES POINT(AP), But I don't know alot

    about it, except that apparently it's not detrimental even if the sign is in its fall (virgo), and that people with jupiter AP are "Potential for public projection of success, wealth, optimism, enthusiasm, religion, higher mind, position of respect." This is the first time I find out that I...
  9. dandelionnn

    Will a MOON and VENUS TRINE aspect to Rising Sign have any affect on appearance?

    I have Moon and Venus TRINE Mars to Ascendant with Mars in the first house. I have Cancer Rising with Moon in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio all in trine aspect.The reason I ask is because I found this description on Mars Rising people: "Women with Mars rising can have a somewhat hard or...
  10. dandelionnn

    Guys, I need ideas. I have no idea what I should do with my life or what courses to--

    take in college. Psychology is interesting but I wanna make a lot of money, and not just for myself but enough that I can support my mom when she wont be able to work anymore, and have a big family, and even have enough to donate for certain causes. Lol, Cancer Rising much? Yes. I want to be...
  11. dandelionnn

    Based off of Synastry & compatibility, would you say me and him are compatible enough

    Based off of Synastry & compatibility, would you say me and him are compatible enough to be in a relationship? In my opinion, I think so. We get along just fine thanks to my mercury trine his moon and venus. Sexual attraction? Indeed. My venus is trine his mars and we have a double mars trine...
  12. dandelionnn

    I am told by other astrologers that I will have a hard time finding love based aspect

    How, why? I have mars quincunx Saturn which I was told by someone that I will suffer in relationships and won't be able to do anything about it and probably won't understand why either...does this include love relationships? Am I doomed? I was also born with Saturn in Retrogade also... Saturn...
  13. dandelionnn

    I think I'm in love, but I'm trying not to tell him right now. Will we be together?

    He's a really sweet one, sweetest one I've ever encountered. But I'm wondering, after we hang out again, do you think that based on this chart we will ever start dating? I'm sure he likes me enough. But from how I read the chart, I don't think the chart agrees. Do correct me if I'm wrong. I just...
  14. dandelionnn

    We seem like a higher than average good match in Synastry, but will he come back

    -into my life again? When we first met, I let him know of me. It was his choice to throw away the number I gave him; but he didn't. I'm sure he liked me, but I was too afraid to show how I felt about him. I was even afraid of him. He only now knows that I actually really did like him. Mercury...
  15. dandelionnn

    Finally found someone that is just right for me

    I was told on here before 8 months earlier that I would meet a Taurus at about 8+ months time period. And I for the first time ever think that I've finally met who the Horary astrologers were talking about, the Taurus. What I want to know about is if he is for sure. So the question was, is he...
  16. dandelionnn

    Should I be afraid of this guy and stay away from him?

    He's a little strange. He's a student nurse that works for my grandfather inside our house. Ever since I first met him and he saw me, he can't stop asking my mom about me. We told him plenty of times already that I'm a free spirit and don't want to be tied down. But really, it's just that he...
  17. dandelionnn

    Do you think the synastry between these two is more compatible or incompatible, why?

    I'm not sure how good it is to have Eros conjunct Jupiter in the relationship like asteroid Psyche conjuncts the Sun in the relationship means when it comes to asteroids. What about minor aspects like Saturn biquintile Venus and Mars ? could that be a good thing?
  18. dandelionnn

    Is there a love relationship between us two

    Could it happen, will it? I like him, we've hung out twice last weekend and definitely had a connection. But I'm not sure if I'm being delusional or not...I heard that mars conjunct saturn in horary makes a person see a situation that's not really clear to them... Because I feel like he and I...
  19. dandelionnn

    Will he choose me over her or what? This is a heated love triangle

    And I know I'm better than that, but I love him. Wouldn't you fight for someone you love? It's kind of difficult to just let them go like how the saying goes... He is Saturn in the 7th house Libra so he is ruled by Venus, right? Venus conjunct Jupiter in applying aspect I hear is a good sign and...
  20. dandelionnn

    I feel like an unattractive Cancer Rising, is it because of Cancer Risings' usual____

    __lack of self-esteem? I know I'm not ugly, but due to some "haters" and ex-boyfriends, I've felt like I was and am just delusional to thinking I am in any way attractive. I have Mars in the first house, with a Scorpio Stellium in the 5th house. I have cheekbones with a roundish/squarish face...