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  1. ptolomy

    Elephants painting Elephants

    For many years scientists have assumed that for a being to be intelligent,It has to resemble a human,Therefore chimpanzees were on the right part of the genetic tree,But try and get a chimpanzee to paint and not only does it have great difficulty concentrating for more than 4 seconds but it cant...
  2. ptolomy

    Cyprus and the EU Financial crisis

    The present Financial crisis hitting Cyprus is a likely straw that broke the camels back.In my opinion if the Authorities/Banks/Government/Brussels/Germany etc etc(and this unelected diversity of leadership is part of the problem) dont sort something out yesterday,Then Cyprus could easily...
  3. ptolomy

    Nosso Lar/Astral City

    Hi there brothers and sisters,fellow spiritual travelers,I came across this film on Youtube after trawling the web for interesting NDE videos.I was very surprised to come across a Brazilian film that is derived from a book by Chico Xavier,Its called 'Nosso Lar' or 'Astral City',Its a film about...
  4. ptolomy

    How to see what is written and what is not

    To begin with,please excuse my new thread title if it appears to be an unsuitable title as i felt i had to abbreviate it to fit within the caption box so as to be clear.But in retrospect i find that i would need quite a lot of words to describe the fundamentals of what i am trying to convey. So...
  5. ptolomy

    The 9th house (modern interpretation)

    I have the Sun conjunction/Combust Mercury in the ninth/Taurus Bi Novile(9th harmonic) Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 11th/Cancer and have always considered this the main reason i am drawn to astrology in a spiritual/religious sense. Despite being strongly Taurean i love long distance travel,Ive...
  6. ptolomy

    Wingsuit Basejumpers

    These people are incredible thrill seekers,Adrenalin junkies!I admire their dicing with death flying.What aspects,houses and signs do you think they have in their charts?
  7. ptolomy

    Bardol duration and life path predetermined?

    1:I am a great believer in the beliefs of the Budhist's about what happens after death.It is said that we can spend upto 49 days in the intermediate state(Bardol) between lives before we reincarnate in a body and psyche that is suitable for our further learning. 2:Also many people who have...
  8. ptolomy

    Reading horoscopes and Demonic possession

    Interesting opinion of exorcist who believes that you can become Demonically possessed if you read horoscopes,I guess we are all Satanists :devil::crying::sad: Do you wear black a lot?,Do you have dark eyes? OMG! Who wants to rename 'Astrologers community' to the 'Astaroth Community'? Why is it...
  9. ptolomy

    Juno space probe launched to Jupiter

    Nasa launches space probe to jupiter:
  10. ptolomy

    Earth May have had 2 Moons theory

    New theory ,Earth may have had 2 Moons:
  11. ptolomy

    Do you have a conscience?

    I've always been interested in conscience especially as it appears to have its own consciousness independent of my consciousness. G,I,Gurdjieff was of the opinion that not everyone has a conscience.I would consider this to be a massive disadvantage for anyone not to have one as they would lack a...
  12. ptolomy

    Pluto conjunct U,K Sun 10 degrees Capricorn

    Evidence of the de-structuring principle of Pluto on the corporate empire in the uk has escalated recently with the phone hacking issue ,the past week has seen Rupert Murdoch have to liquidate the 'News of the World' newspaper after recent disclosures of reporters using phone hacking on various...
  13. ptolomy

    Platonic Solid Ceramic Art

    Hi,Here are a few of the Astrological inspired Ceramic containers and bowls that i make by hand,These Ceramic Art Items are made from Earthenware clay and glazed with White Tin Glaze coloured with Copper oxide(Green) and Cobalt Carbonate(Blue). The 1st object is a small container Icosahedron...
  14. ptolomy


    Does anyone have any advice on where to find data on Noviles?,Preferably not Bulgarian flooring products:). I have read 'Astrological Aspects' by Rudhyar and Rael. I have a natal close conjunction of Sun Mercury in Taurus /9th very closely Bi Novile Jupiter close conjunct Uranus in...
  15. ptolomy

    100 Posts :)

    100 Posts!!...Hey!.Im a 'Senior Member':sideways::happy::biggrin::w00t:!!!!!!
  16. ptolomy

    Voyagers move into Interstellar space

    I heard some significant news about the Voyager missions on the news in the UK the other day,Nasa announced that The Voyagers are have finally reached the edge of our solar system and are Experiencing turbulence as they move out of the suns bow shock area into inter stellar...
  17. ptolomy

    The natural 0 degrees Aries on Earth Longitude

    I was wondering,has there ever been any attempt to detect a natural '0 degree' point of longitude on the Earths surface,rather than the artificial G,M,T? In 'Mundane Astrology' by Michael Baigent,Nicholas Campion and Charles Harvey there is mention of 10 degrees Capricorn/Cancer being...
  18. ptolomy

    Ceramic Astrologers Astrolabe

    This is a series of photos of my 'Astrologers Astrolabe': Its a device for Astrologers to quickly look at astrological configurations, Its made from stoneware 'clay' and very tough,built to last a very long time...
  19. ptolomy

    Psyche:Astrological or Genetic?

    I have become increasingly irritated when i hear the uninformed describe someones psychological nature using the phrase"It must be in his genes". Being an astrologer for a long time i have learnt from experience that a persons psychological nature is definitely astrological in origin,but i have...
  20. ptolomy

    Longbody of the Solar System/D.N.A Double helix

    Im hoping to find more people interested in exploring the possible connection between the similarity of the long body of the Solar system and the D,N.A double helix,Im assuming general chat is the best place to start as i cant see any other forums that have suitable subject similarities. Many...