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  1. Cosmiccradle

    Thoughts on Dignities

    I've never been one to accept Dignities, and there are many other astrologers who have chucked the whole system also. Here is a thought as to how I see dignities, in relation to aspects, elements and qualities and movement through the signs dexter and sinister. I will take the Sun as an example...
  2. Cosmiccradle

    Angular Hereditary Characteristics in Family Charts

    This would mean that you would need both charts of the parents. I'm interested to know how many out there possess the charts of their parents and have researched hereditary characteristics. I will give my own as an example of what I mean. Father M.C. Capricornus Asc. Taurus I.C. Leo Desc...
  3. Cosmiccradle

    Astrological Research, Statistics and Idiosyncrasies

    Dear Members: When I became a member one of the first things I did was become a member of Shining Ray's group. I wanted very much to be part of that. Only did I realize later when I was strolling through the forum, that Shining Ray due to circumstances had been banned. I suggested to the...
  4. Cosmiccradle

    Acceptable margins in birth time errors!

    I don't think that there's an astologer who wouldn't agree that the birth time is on top of the list of most important things. However as astrologers we also know that we rarely recieve times that are correct. Even birth certificates can be wrong, as hospital certificates. Some might take the...
  5. Cosmiccradle

    Progression techniques

    There is a whole list of progressive techniques, to name but a few secondary progressions, solar arc, transits, primary directions that are used in the natal chart, for correction purposes and predictive. I have always favoured primary directions (also converse for both predictive and...
  6. Cosmiccradle

    APC House calculations for those that wish it.

    For those that would like to see how their houses look under the APC system and the placing of the planets send me a p.m. and I will get the calculations to you as soon as possible. If I get too many at once, I'll let you know via the forum on this thread. I would be beholding if you could send...
  7. Cosmiccradle

    Adding Ophiuchus to your Chart

    Went through all the forum but couldn't make out where to place this, so the mods will have to decide. I read somewhere how the degrees went if you have 13 signs, i remember you came above the 360. I can't seem to find it, does anyone know from what degree to what degree Ophiuchus is placed...
  8. Cosmiccradle

    Almuten of the chart and your calculations

    If any of you use this system and do the work by hand, I would like to hear what you use to get the total picture. I'm only interested in tables that include all planets. My goal is to make a chart with the most important accidental and essential dignities and debilities. Things like...
  9. Cosmiccradle

    Rising Sign or Sun Sign

    In your opinion which holds more quality when interperting a person, the sun or rising sign? And please don't say both, because they can't becompared to each other. I would think the rising sign, seeing that planets that have contact with the Ascendant find a better outlet.
  10. Cosmiccradle

    Strength in house position

    Here is a chart for the strength of a planet an it's placement/position in that house. It is one one the things I use for the Almuten. Divide each house into five segments to see the placing of the planet.
  11. Cosmiccradle

    Too Full or not Too Full, that is the question!

    Astrologers use directions and progressions for correction purposes. A divorce might be an Uranus to the 7th, a graduation in higher education with Saturnus to the ninth, imprisonment Neptune to the 12th, you can fill it in yourself. More often then not astrologers seek a full aspect, that is to...
  12. Cosmiccradle

    Other professions and their impact on astrology!

    Jung is an psychiatrist/psychologist, Cayce a psychic, Gauquelin a psychologist/statician,Vinysa has added Claude Levi-Strauss for symbolism. I remember long ago I read a work by Jung over relationship astrology I can't remember the titel of the piece, but I do remember that I found it quite...
  13. Cosmiccradle

    ECT in the chart

    ECT is at a rise again here in Holland in the hospitals after a long absence. My question is this, someone recieving ECT, what stand would you be searching for in the progressive chart?
  14. Cosmiccradle

    Asteroids Additive or comparable value?

    I rarely use the asteroids. I see them as an additive for things that are sometimes difficult to find in the horoscope. Sexual hangups, modern expressions of our society like anorexia, even a perhaps clearer picture of father issues, or in the chart for caring quailities, but their true weight...
  15. Cosmiccradle

    Me and my Commodore 64

    Yes I see some of you smile. Remembering the time when we’d have to put in the tape over and over until it caught. The matrix printer, how happy we were that all of the calculations were on paper, lists of progressions/directions so that you didn’t have to stare at that little green screen, or...
  16. Cosmiccradle

    What makes your house system unique?

    I see that alot of astrologers here use the eqaul house sytem. They swear by it, and that it fits better and makes things easier. Why has this house system begun to be used by so many and why is it better than other sytems? What is so unique about having every cusp at the same degree?
  17. Cosmiccradle

    Entrance of the Soul seen Astrologically

    At what moment after conception if any would you say that the soul entered the body, and how would you define that astrologically in the chart?
  18. Cosmiccradle

    Is the heart of astrology Symbolism or Mathematics?

    Although astrology contains symbols, the heart of astrology is calculation. We calculate the chart and planets, parts and asteroids, etc. We use symbols to show our calculations and can thereby interpert those calculations using the placement of those symbols. Is the heart of astrology...
  19. Cosmiccradle

    Star of Bethlehem

    I looked through both threads of the birth chart of Jesus, the chart I was looking for I couldn't find. I remember that it was a very unique conjuction. The piece that I had read had this chart...
  20. Cosmiccradle

    Fire, Earth, Air and Water

    Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether Even in the background of western astrology we started with 5 elements. Almost all cultures that practice astrology still use 5 elements today, from China to India. Why is it that we have lost the 5th element, "ether" I beleive. Ether is still used elswhere...