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  1. Slytherin88

    I'm 28! (Solar Return interpretation)

    Hi. How are you doing? I'm turning 28 tomorrow. This time my ascendant is in Aries conjunct my natal Venus. New beginning in romance perhaps? In the Venus return chart, the chart ruler Moon is at degree 0 with Mars, at sign of Capricorn in the 6th/7th house. There Vertex is widely conjunct my...
  2. Slytherin88

    Venus Return in Aries

    Hello, guys. This year's Venus return chart is an interesting ones. It implies new beginning and endings. Chart ruler Moon is conjunct Mars at degree 0 and it's conjunct my NN in the 6th house. Sun, which is the ruler of my 2nd and 3rd house is at 29 degrees at nineth house. I will graduate this...
  3. Slytherin88

    Eclipse on Mars Return

    Hello, guys. I just found out that the day I'll have my Mars return next year, it's going to be a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, and this will square Mars, which will be conjunct my natal Mars in Pisces. Mars rules my 11th house( placidius) and 10th house(equal sign) and it's in my 9th house...
  4. Slytherin88

    how will this lunar month be for me?

    Lately, the rising sign of the lunar charts are either Cancer or Scorpio(first house or fifth house). What does it mean? This month's with Scorpio and Moon is in the 11th house together with Mercury.
  5. Slytherin88

    Will I get this job?

    I will post the chart of the time I'll have the interview. This early ascendant degree and the moon about to throw square at so many planets at the 12th house in Virgo looks like a no?what do you think?
  6. Slytherin88

    Will I get a boyfriend this year?

    With Venus, the ruler of the 7th house in the 7th house, chances are that the answer is yes, right?Thanks in advance.
  7. Slytherin88

    When will this cat give birth?

    There's a stray cat who comes along with her sister frequently to my house for food. She's very pregnant. I think she will give birth this month. Sun(ruler of first house) is conjunct the ruler of the 8th house in the 8th house and I wonder if she will give birth tomorrow. On the other hand...
  8. Slytherin88

    Was my kitten poisoned by someone?

    This is quite a sensitive topic for me. She passed away after throwing up too much, and before that she was missing for the whole day. Bora was a bit sick also. Mum says that probably someone poisoned her. She died four months ago. I miss her so much.
  9. Slytherin88

    Where is he?

    There's a missing person, and he's been missing for five days. Is he okay, or where is he?The state of the Moon doesn't look good, and Mercury in the 3rd house suggests that he is in his neighborhood. Moon will soon change sign and maybe that means that very soon we will find him.
  10. Slytherin88

    When will I start dating?

    Hello, there. From this chart, I see that Venus(ruler of the 5th house) will make a conjunction with the chart ruler(Mercury), but it has a square with Mars and opposition with Uranus, so it doesn't look at all possible any time soon, or at least it looks brief(That opposition with Uranus and...
  11. Slytherin88

    Why do obsessive suicidal thoughts happen?

    Everytime I'm really scared or smth problematic happens in my life, I jump in this train of thoughts. I'm no longer depressed thankfully, but since 2009, when I first got depressed, I keep having these thoughts. Here's my chart: Okay, Saturn in the 8th house semi-squaring Mercury, might...
  12. Slytherin88

    Will I graduate this year?

    I know that odds are not in my favor. This year wasn't that nice as astrologers told it was going to be. I know that there are plenty of things going on my horoscope as well. Can't blame it on Jupiter in Scorpio. Okay, here's the chart. Saturn in the 9th house/10 house doesn't make things...
  13. Slytherin88

    Where is the lost kitten and when will he return?

    I was going to look for adopters for this stray kitten that has been living with his sisters for a few months. When the sisters passed away, he's been feeling lonely. It's been 24 hours since I last saw him. I'm so worried. Where is he, and when will he return?He's been living in our garden...
  14. Slytherin88

    When will I have a new beginning in life?

    This is from last night, but I hope it still works. I want to have a new beginning in life. I want to find a job. The ascendant of this chart is on Sagittarius, and it's in my 6th natal chart. Jupiter is throwing positive aspect at Mercury, the ruler of the 6th house. If you use whole sign...
  15. Slytherin88

    Venus Return on the St Patrick's Day!

    Hello, guys. I have my Venus Return.:love: Do you think that I'll find love this year? What else do you see? And, happy St Patrick's Day. It seems that this chart is quite Neptunian and Mercurial. Jupiter, the ruler, is in the 12th house, and is trining a stellium in Pisces, where is Neptune...
  16. Slytherin88

    Solar return in Libra

    I'm having my birthday next month, and I thought I check out the solar return chart for this year as per usual. This time it'll be in Libra. I had Leo last year. I'm happy that it'll be Libra this year. I had very dramatic moments in 2017:bandit:. The ruler of that chart being conjunct Uranus...
  17. Slytherin88

    Are all Cancer Ascendant doom to marry later in life?

    Hi, I'm a Cancer Ascendant, and my Saturn, which rules my 7th house is in Aquarius in the 8th house. Saturn is square Pluto(5th house) and sextile Venus(10th house). It was never easy for me to make friends, and I have never dated. There's an astrologer that says that a Cancer Ascendant can not...
  18. Slytherin88

    Will I ever overcome this skin problem I had for over eight years?

    Hello. Since, I was 17, I had this skin problem. Whenever I walked out of my house, and walked for like five minutes, my skin would itch and it would feel like burning. It is a terrible experience. I went to a doctor(dermatologist!), and she said that it was just stress, because there were no...
  19. Slytherin88

    Sideral astrology

    I don't know anything about this type of astrology, so if you'd be kind enough to read this for me.
  20. Slytherin88

    Bored Aries

    Hi, I'm Slytherin, and I'd like to talk random things, and the title suggest I'm bored. I have a few questions about you. 1. What is your Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendant, Midheaven? 2. Do you use twitter? 3. Have you read Harry Potter books? And if yes, did you take the Pottermore Hogwarts quiz...