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    The Mental Map

    I had a new dog, a husky a year or two old I picked up at the pound. We went for a walk among the old lava flows south of Pocatello. At one point I left the trail and climbed a vertical lava face (class 5 climb) about 20 feet high; I wanted to see what the dog would do. I saw a silver streak...
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    Trump and Pattern

    Donald Trump's chart has a very well-defined Bowl pattern. I would like to point out the power of using the pattern of planetary distribution as the preliminary step in chart interpretation. Here is what Trump's pattern tells us, without reference to any other chart factor. 1. Great...
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    And Dr Farr???

    Where is Dr Farr?
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    I can't upload a chart from my phone. Would someone be so kind? Thanks. 20 JAN 1953, Noon EST, Brooklyn, New York. Please include transits for 0630, 10 August 2019, New York City (same as birth). Using noon gives median positions for the 24-hour date at locality of birth. No time of birth...
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    Forces of Nature

    "All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of Nature; but the man lost in selfish delusion thinks that he himself is the actor. But the man who knows the relation between the forces of Nature and actions, sees how some forces of nature work upon other forces of Nature, and...
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    Using planetary patterns: the Locomotive

    All planets are found within a two-thirds segment of the zodiac well-defined by a functioning trine. It approaches the ideal when the planets are equispaced in the occupied section of the wheel. The functioning trine is necessary. The planet facing clockwise on the unoccupied segment is the...
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    Using Planetary Patterns. The Bundle. Harrison Ford

    The bundle represents the most intensely concentrated sort of personality, wholly focused on the self and its interests. This pattern is recognized when, ideally, all ten planets populate less than the span of a zodiacal trine, or 120 degrees. The tighter the bundle, the more intensely the...
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    Planetary patterns -- the bowl

    USING PLANETARY PATTERNS THE BOWL DONALD TRUMP The heavens are in constant motion, ever-changing, as the planets sail along their orbits against the background of the distant fixed stars. The sky is kaleidoscopic. The human mind has the power to perceive, or really to create, discernible...
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    The Raj

    A dozen years ago, before I discovered Astrologer's Community, I was in an astrology chat room and bumped into this young man from India. OK...the url works and the chart shows...
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    Saplosky on Depression

    Here is Robert Sapolsky on depression. And then look for topic. Major depression (chronic & deep) affects 15% of world population. In depth presentation of symptoms, causes. Interesting that Freud found that a powerful psychological causative factor is "inturned aggression"...
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    Testing House Systems

    If you are undecided, in doubt, as between Placidus and Whole Sign houses, the chart of Donald Trump provides a good test chart. Many of the planets change house from one system to the other, allowing you to see which system, if either, yields a truer reading.
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    Home again

    After several years absence im back. Hope to contribute.
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    Mindanao Gum

    I'm 72 years old. I spent a dozen years in the Southern California nursery business as a young man and was very familiar with a host of Eucalyptus species. But I never heard of this one..... THE RAINBOW EUCALYPTUS, E. deglupta, also known as Mindanao Gum. If you've never heard of or seen...
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    Vladimir Putin

    What with the tensions centered on the Ukraine, seems as though a peek at the chart (Rodden C Rating) of the star of the show, in whose hands the direction of the action seems to rest, is in order. Checking present transits, we find the Grand Cardinal Cross falling exactly on his Sun and Libra...
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    The Rings of Chariklo

    For all asteroid fans: Chiron has competition. The planetoid 10199 Chariklo, which like Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, has been seen to have rings (like the four gas giants). It is the only small body known to sport rings. The rings are probably mostly water ice. Chariklo is a...
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    First Amendment Rights Curtailed Sorry, I don't like to bring political issues into this forum. But this affects all Americans and their right to speak their mind. It centralizes control and promotes censorship. It's dangerous to...
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    Sexuality indicators in the chart?

    Sexuality (sexual orientation) IS shown in the chart. Sexuality is a primary component of anyone's character. Astrology depicts a person's character in toto.
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    The Ascendant

    The Ascendant – that point along the ecliptic that intersects the eastern horizon of the place of birth, where any body (star or planet) will be exactly on the horizon if exactly on the ecliptic – is the point where the invisible becomes visible. It is a point of conscious manifestation, of...
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    The Scope of Astrological Symbolism

    In recent thread on “slavery” (originated by JupiterAsc), Dr. Farr says this: “To me, it [slavery] can mean persons in bondage: legal, financial, marital, fettered by chronic disease, debts, etc; also “wage slaves” locked into jobs they dislike but from which they cannot free themselves; to me...
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    The Scope of Astrological Symbolism

    In a recent thread on “slavery” (originated by JupiterAsc), Dr. Farr says this: “To me, it [slavery] can mean persons in bondage: legal, financial, marital, fettered by chronic disease, debts, etc; also “wage slaves” locked into jobs they dislike but from which they cannot free themselves; to...