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    Please I need some serious help or advice I beg of you.

    Hi there... :( I hope you will give the time to try and help me if you can. I am an extremely depressed person. I feel like taking drugs or ending my life - I don't know which 1 I really want. I don't know if it is my family that makes me so unhappy or bad relations to both parents and...
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    Are there any suicidal tendencies in my chart? :(

    Hey everyone, I just want to know are there any suicidal tendicies in my chart? I ahve had many issues in life even though my life is sort of problem free :( I am on medication already but it is not helping. I am getting desperate Thanks to any one that can lend a hand Keep well Regards...
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    I Stink... therefore I am!

    Hey howzit everyone! :lol: It is your "captain" The "Great" Stinky Speaking! Ha ha ha :) I decided to call myself "Stinky" because I have not bathed in a few days! xD I am a bit "looney" at times haha as you can see :happy: I hope I have a great time on these forums!! I actually came...