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    Questions about Grand Cross

    I haven't posted on here for a while but I am looking for some insight about the Grand Cross. I suppose this will have two main parts. Also my apologies if I am posting it in the wrong place... My first question has to do with the "technicalities" of the Grand Cross. Most places I've looked at...
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    My chart

    My chart - what are your views please? I just joined yesterday, and would love if someone looked at my chart :) I used to 'have' a different chart, which had Cancer ascendant, which suits me better than Taurus imo, but I discovered a piece of paper recently which had a different birth time...
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    Hello! I'm new, an Arian with (probably) Taurus Rising. I've never really been part of an astrology forum before, but I've been interested in astrology for years so I thought this might be interesting for me :) And the introduction is over :)