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  1. UranusRising

    Astrology focused or based Dating site?

    Hi guys, hows it doing!? Q: ) I would like to know if theres such Websites , where you can find your other half, love of your life, using Astrology. not a little bit, but a good percent % astrology base Dating website or smartphone app thank you in advance! i dont know why anyone hasnt already...
  2. UranusRising

    Career and vocation Help Appreciated. Q: )

    Hello girls and guys. How are you?!?! Im struggling to try to see mor clearly my vocational and career abilities, as well (of course) as decide which one(or ones) to follow. My parents raised my protecting me TOO much i believe and while trying to show, put me in the best direction...
  3. UranusRising

    Q: ) Could you be so kind and please, Read My Chart ?

    Hi girls and guys. how are you?? I would like to have some different points of view on my natal chart. im learning, reflecting, trying to philosophising with astrology, psychology, and as much infos from whatever sources i could gather (esoteric, natural etc) but its a bit hard for me to see the...
  4. UranusRising

    HI from a Non Astrologer.

    Hello girls and guys. how are you!? im no Astrologer but im highly interested in Astrology in General. i learn easily by first observing and then taking part on the "action" and sometimes its the opposite. i know the value of theory x practice, as well as the emotional x rational. so im trying...