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    Hi and welcome! :sideways: I hope you like it here.
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    Read my chart

    Re: Sun in Sag Moon in Aquarius Hi Stardust!, my moon and Venus twinsie :sideways: Venus in Scorpio can be rather intense. I myself, can push through toxic relationships because breaking that bond can be difficult. The two short relationships afterwards had their purpose and their purpose...
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    Sun in 8th :)

    Hi and welcome. I hope you will like it here as much as I do :biggrin: this forum is great:love:
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    Why are Libra and Pisces favourite signs of the astrologers?

    lol I literally asked myself that too the other day:lol: Libras are lovey-dovey and Pisces, intuitive and lovey ..cuz Neptune is all psychic or something. I think some astrologers sometimes focus too much on one side of two sided coin and fail to recognise that it's just people with stories and...
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    Please tell me what career is the best for me

    You have a lovely chart with an extended kite (Neptune and Uranus both making a connection). Of what I can see you might be a bit of a trend setter? but definitely creative! The cookbook astrology creative houses 2,3,5,7 have planets in it (apart from 7th and 5th). However, not to worry...
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    General info needed

    Hi, today I started looking into Vedic astrology and I have found a lot of conflicting information (with help of Mr. google) and feel confused. The various charts confuse me so I'm wondering what's the purpose, or meaning of each is: Birth chart (I assume is like natal chart), Moon chart...
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    Anyone else hate having a bad moon?

    Re: Anyone else hate having a shitty moon? Wow pisces moon in the 12th. I'm really sorry that you feel that way about your moon but please take good care of it, and you!. Learn to express it as that helps with negative emotions. You said that you were sensitive and alongside that you...
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    Chart reading and compatibility

    Hmm.. I don't know much but you do have an "air" grand trine :joyful: (sun in libra (9th house), Neptune in Aquarius (1st house), and moon in gemini(5th house)). Grand trine: "Air Signs, talents lie in intellectual work and the communication of ideas"
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    Hi :)

    Thank you, I will check out some of the links you provided :sideways:
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    Hi :)

    Hehe, it is true. Looking forward to it as well!
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    Wow, really, thank you! This makes me view my chart differently and now I feel quite good about it :biggrin: This is interesting! I've never heard of that before but it does resonate with me, and actually makes a lot of sense. Come to think of it, yes I do overcompensate a lot. That could be...
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    Hi :)

    Hey! needless to say.. I'm new here but I wanted to say hi!, so..hi! Joining this forum is long overdue as up until now I've been an avid lurker:innocent::biggrin: I'm looking forward to learning more about astrology and hopefully interact with the members on here! All the best,
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    .. haha, maybe not? I'm sorry! Hi, I'm new to astrology and my squares seem scary to me. Since I have started to become familiar with the planets, houses and signs I've learned to have great respect to Jupiter .. also partially as it is so close to my MC. However, as you can see my Jupiter...