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  1. Taurean

    Problem with a woman Aries at work

    I'd just like to know how you would act in this situation. The problem is that since i started working at this place, she has really been cold towards me, in all ways. I as a Taurus is a bit of the silent type, but always trying to stay positive towards everyone, even her. But it's getting...
  2. Taurean

    About other people's energy

    I've been interested in astrology for about 4-5 years now. For a long time i've always wondered about the astrological sign of new people i meet. That can of course be quite hard to find out, i usually don't ask about that. The way i've been trying to decipher the sign the last ~2 years, is to...
  3. Taurean

    Greetings from a Taurus!

    Hello everyone, just signed up to this site because it seems to be quite active, with a lot of members. I believe quite strongly in astrology. Mostly in the sense of how every sign has different qualities. I'm not that much into describing every aspect of the birth chart, and living by what...