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  1. Siva

    Health issues

    I already posted about my health problems before, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis when Saturn entered my sixth house. I was always a hypochondriac but recently I'm beyond terrified concerning my health. I fear having something even worse like MS and I keep discovering new symptoms. Can...
  2. Siva

    Those 4 planets in my 6th house ruined my health

    I have Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Sun transiting my sixth house (Capricorn) and my health is deteriorating, it's unbelievable. Ovary cyst that recently became very painful (Pluto, I guess) My fingers started swelling up a couple of days ago without any reason and it seems like it's not going...
  3. Siva

    What can you say about this man's father and daddy issuses

    I'm trying to understand their relationship
  4. Siva

    Could these transits really affect my studies this much?

    Pluto transiting my 6th house (Capricorn) and natal Uranus and Uranus transiting my 9th house (Aries). I used to be on of the best students in my class and I finished the first three years extremely fast, respected due dates etc. But for the last three!!! years I've been stuck on my very last...
  5. Siva

    Composite chart: Is it usual to have both nodes in the same house

    I can't seem to find the answer. I know that in individual charts those two are in opposite houses. How does it work when it comes to composite chart? Is it a usual thing to have them in the same house and the same sign? Is it a good thing?
  6. Siva

    what are the odds of landing this job / a lot going on in the 5th house, Saturn ente

    Hello! I'm in a process of looking for a job, I already do the same type of work. I work via internet with students from all over the world and I'm teaching them a foreign language. I applied for one company that works with KIDS and right now I'm in the middle of the application process and...
  7. Siva

    What do you think about this person's chart?

    I'm interested to hear your opinions mainly regarding relationships/marriage because I'm dating this person. (If you need my details Cap Sun, Leo rising, Aquarius Moon in the 7th house along with Saturn and Venus, Cancer Mars in the 12th house) But also career or whatever else you find...
  8. Siva

    Dangerous transits?

    I hate myself for even checking it and now thinking about it, but it's too late. It seems bad. I have transit Mars and Pluto conjunct with natal Uranus and Neptune in my 6th house. Transit Mars opposing my natal Mars in 12th house (almost the exact degree 21' 7'' - 22' 01'). Transit Uranus...
  9. Siva

    What can I expect in terms of love and relationships

    Here's my chart with current transits but I'm interested in general insight as well. I'm not really focused on not spending my life alone, I'm used to being single and usually won't even bother trying to start something with someone new. But I've recently started spending time with an ex of...
  10. Siva

    How do you think my interview will go

    I'm having my visa interview on April 5th, and here are the transits for that day. I posted before asking about the trip, but now that I know the exact date of the interview, I'm interested in hearing your opinion. It's an overseas trip, and this is when it'll be decided if my visa is...
  11. Siva

    I would appreciate your comments

    Hi, I'm really interested in astrology, I want to give you some details about my life so you can see how they fit in and I'd like you to tell me more about things I'm prone to or attracted to, like some general insight in my life and possibilities, as you see it. I've been born during war time...
  12. Siva

    Planned long distance travel

    I have a planned trip on this date, it's an overseas trip and I've already bought a plane ticket but it all depends on my visa getting approved in april/may. So I would appreciate it if someone could say how likely it is that I'm gonna travel on this date, if there are any indicators of an...
  13. Siva

    I would appreciate some insight, I feel as if I'm on a crossroad

    Hello everyone, I would greatly appreciate some insight in my chart, I feel a bit lost, like I have to make some decisions regarding my life, college, town I live in, some people, taking risks. I would like to understand what's happening and what might happen, where my life is headed, what...