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  1. Calvinsmom

    Uranus transit

    Hi, I posted my natal and transit chart below. I posed this question earlier, but no response. Decided to simplify my question. Would anyone please care to comment on my upcoming Uranus transits? I would love to hear responses. I am very intrigued. Uranus will conjunct Jupiter, and...
  2. Calvinsmom

    Uranus transit and wow!

    :whistling:Hi, I have Uranus about to transit conjunct my 10th house Jupiter in a couple of months. I am very excited, because it will probably be the last time it transits conjunct any of my natal planets in my lifetime. When it transited Saturn and Moon some years back, it brought wonderful...
  3. Calvinsmom

    Pluto in 3rd and speech scandal.

    Hi, posted my natal chart at the bottom. I think my question deals with my 3rd house Pluto at 10 degree Virgo, it is conjunct Uranus and Mercury. They all oppose my 9th house 10 degree Pisces Moon, and Pluto opposed Moon is my tightest aspect in my chart. I also have Leo Sun at 14 degrees in...
  4. Calvinsmom

    Buy a home of my own sometime?

  5. Calvinsmom

    Uranus Pluto square and status quo

    Hi, I am interested in hearing from some serious astrologers out there, those of you considered the deep thinkers of such matters on this site please. My question regards the current Uranus Pluto square and the financial reckless speculation of corporate interest who deliberately squash and...
  6. Calvinsmom

    Long time lurker, I finally joined!

    Hello everyone! I don't know what took me so long but I am so glad I joined. My mantra that I explain to someone about why I enjoy astrology is that for me, astrology saved me in so many ways. It explained and validated so much. I never stop learning about it, and it continues to...