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  1. MiSt

    Natal chart help ! A Software ?...

    22 april 2:30 pm 1989 ?? :unsure::love:
  2. MiSt

    Zodiac signs, when ?!

    If this post is already posted, sorry and please give me the link. The dates of signs ? because, for exemple Alice bailey its ...Taurus 21-20 gemini 21-20 cancer 21-21.... and for other its 22 -22 for all or other and other... its difficult for me :pinched: So have you a answer ? For me taurus...
  3. MiSt

    Him me and me

    I have a new poney, her name is lucifer :rightful: I am Jesus Christ Jack sparow and lady gaga :bandit: And Blade the black killer !!! ( lapsus ), ( white's humour ) :lol::lol::lol::lol: I love me I don't like humanity in general, like me, just our soul :biggrin: Taurus Virgo and a mad...