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  1. IfIKnewBetter

    First Jupiter Return Help

    For a related issue, I need to know how to calculate my first Jupiter return so I can look at the aspects it has. Is there a website or somewhere I can find this? Is there anyone with software kind enough to draw it up for me?
  2. IfIKnewBetter

    Planets on a House Cusp

    What are your experiences with a planet you have on a house cusp? Do you find it more accurate in it's original placement or "bumped" to the neighboring house? Have you seen the planet act more in one house than the other or in "both"?
  3. IfIKnewBetter

    Careers in Birth Chart

    I'm thinking about going back to school, what possible careers do you see that would give me both money and happiness? Or at least happiness.
  4. IfIKnewBetter

    Weak Saturn

    Difficult Saturn Aspects I pop up on here way too much. :alien: I have a weak Saturn. I'm saying this because it aspects other planets in tense ways, oppositions and squares, granted some of them are in a wide orb. I still see influence regardless. He's decided to spread himself all over my...
  5. IfIKnewBetter

    Scorpio Moon in Ascendant: On Display?

    I have this placement. From what I've read one of the things about having your Moon in the First house is make it so everyone can see/perceive your emotions. Can I point out the obvious and say that's not something my Scorpio Moon likes to hear. :ninja: However, since my Moon sign is so private...
  6. IfIKnewBetter

    Know Thyself

    This will be an ongoing thread where I'll be trying to interpret my own chart, you'll probably get sick of seeing this so let me just apologize now. Everyone is welcome to comment whether it be to suggest, correct, or observe. Placidus and Whole Sign charts will be uploaded with this post. As...
  7. IfIKnewBetter

    What Do You See

    I'd just like to know what more experienced astrologers see when they look at my chart. I'm new to this so I'll be analyzing my own chart step by step on the Natal sub-forum as I learn more and more but in the meantime it'll be interesting to hear from you guys.
  8. IfIKnewBetter

    How Do You Use the Energy of a Square?

    Bear with me, I'm a beginner. Coming from someone who's chart is riddled with Squares I'd like to know. I understand a Square is tension between two planets that needs to be integrated or released, right? So how do you do that? I understand it's all based on what each planet is doing...
  9. IfIKnewBetter

    Hey Guys

    I finally decided to register so I could fully dissect the contradiction/insanity that seems to be my chart. Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon Scorpio Rising Can't wait to learn from everyone here.