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    Is this my soulmate?

    Hello Astrologers! I'd super appreciate it if you could help me with this composite and synastry chart. I won't say any interpretation except that I want to know if this person is my soulmate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best, PureGenius
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    Did i find my soulmate?

    Hey everyone. SO recently I met someone who blew me away. She is totally crazy but take me off the ground in ways that I need. (I'm a virgo.) So, I toss her information into the composite chart in and what do I come up with? This. At first glance I was just surprised, but the more I...
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    Not new, but more confused than ever.

    Hello Astrologers, I'm not new here. I've spent time going over and over, my chart and my wife's chart and I come to you guys because you never lead me wrong. I'm spent some time building a new business that has huge potential if only I could figure out exactly how to make it work. It's in...
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    Right about my me with success!

    Well, Back in November I asked a few ppl about my chances of finding publishing income for my project, and sure enough they told me it was going to #fail. They were right. No matter how hard I push, or work, or learn I have been unable, for years, to make my "dreams" come true. I have had some...
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    Publishing success?

    Good morning astrologers. This is my first time attempting Horary astrology but I'm really stressing this particular situation and I'd like your opinion. Around 7 years ago, a little bit after I got married, I began working on a writing project that would encompass my life until today.:pinched...
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    A Vedic interpretation? Please.

    Namaste, Are there any Vedic astrologers who can help me dig into the roots of my astrology chart from a Vedic perspective? Any advice or help you can give would be greatly appreciated. -Thank you! :happy:
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    Magi Astrology for Natal Aspects?

    Hello everyone, Mod, I'm not sure if I put this in the right place but... :innocent:. So I've just become accustomed to Magi Astrology and it seems they focus alot on relationship and financial charts but at the present time I most interested in only a real natal interpretation of my own chart...
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    Saturn is trying to kill me!!!

    Well Hello there. I've been trying to learn more about my chart to understand it myself but I just can't let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a writer, poet, musician, and most recently working on martial arts. The last time I posted a last winter I was thinking about a 40 day water fast...
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    Re-introducing myself.

    Hello Everyone, My name is Sir and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm a writer and I've been struiggling with the crazy Saturn in 3rd house for the past few years. Really sucked. It's moving on, and I'm trying to crawl from under a rock. Figured I'd get more involved on here. I'll link my chart. -Sir