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  1. moonwillow

    Eyes Galaxies found in the constellation of Virgo

    You know, I did not know where to post this. This was so beautiful thought I would share, and it has been found to be in the Virgo constellation. I took astronomy as part of my elective, and was in perpetual awe. Enjoy...
  2. moonwillow

    Asteroid - Orcus - Can someone who knows about this shed some light?

    I do not know how relevant this one (Orcus ) is, maybe it is or not, there have been a lot of contention about Juno and Pallas and its relevance, although Chiron, Lillith and others are discussed in great length, I am going to take a gander and ask this question: what is the value, relevance...
  3. moonwillow

    Solar Arc / Solar Return

    Since I am new at astrology, can anyone explain what is a Solar Arc, Solar return, how this affects that person How does this differentiate with transits I am just curious, based on what I was able to gleen from the research online, solar arcs / solar returns are more mathematical based, and...
  4. moonwillow

    Pluto Issues / Venus square Pluto

    thought I would share these two links. I have some pluto issues, especially venus square pluto, these links resonated with some stuff I have had to deal with
  5. moonwillow

    Ascm Juno and Pallas in the 1st House

    I just found out that I not only have Asc in Scorpio, but also Juno and Pallas Athena in Scorpio in the first house Can anyone shed some light on this, I am quite new at this. I will also do some research on the web thanks
  6. moonwillow

    Composite Moon in Taurus, mars in scorpio

    Can anyone shed some light on what Moon in Taurus, Mars in scorpio in a composite chart means? Just wondering. Tried to research this on the web, but found nothing really substantive thanks so much
  7. moonwillow

    Venus conj Pluto - in composite chart

    In composite chart, we have a venus conjunct pluto In synastry, both our venus sextile pluto, and mars sextile pluto The attraction is pretty strong. Almost painful. Can anyone help and shed some light on this.
  8. moonwillow


    Introverted cancer (sun) Capricorn (moon) Scorpio (Asc.) Both venus/mars in gemini in the 8th house. New to astrology. Looking forward to chatting with you all