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  1. Aruilly

    Is my friend betraying me?

    I kinda did the chart to see. I guess she is then? 3rd house thing going on so maybe gossip? What do you guys see in it?
  2. Aruilly

    Synastry question

    I recently met this girl. At first we got along great even if we some times seemed to get a lil angry with each other but then it seemed we were growing close quite quickly and it was starting to feel creepy cause it was rather fast but I didn't do anything. So eventually, she kinda shuts me...
  3. Aruilly

    A vocational talent?

    I was wondering if it can be seen in the chart? This Saturn transit really hit me hard, I feel like I'm lost again about the what will I be when I grow up dream. :sad: I wonder if there is any talent in the chart that stands out more so I can at least go from there. Any ideas, please...
  4. Aruilly

    Writing talent in chart?

    I was wondering if writing talent can be seen? It doesn't have to be really lucrative or part of a job. Just a hobby is fine. By mixing aspects to mercury also, what kind of writing style or genre this person would be drawn to? For exemple someone with mercury-uranus would be drawn to writing...
  5. Aruilly

    Pluto singleton

    I've been studying about this for a little while but, I thought that maybe some outside help could really be the key for actually grasping it. I think I have pluto singleton ruling the 12th from the 11th house and this is causing me problems. This is rather troublesome to say the least, I've...
  6. Aruilly

    Repressed anger

    Wondering if anyone could help with this one. What are indications of repressed anger in a natal chart? Would it be an afflicted mars the cause? Also, I realize that people who end up bottling up their anger tend to have been abused or have had their assertiveness disowned by another. So I take...
  7. Aruilly

    Is Moon in Aquarius a bad placement in a womans chart?

    As of late I've been frying my brain with this one. Is Moon in Aquarius a bad placement for a woman's chart? :unsure: Well, women are always more connected to the moon, they "show" their moon quite often. For exemple, no one thinks it's weird for a woman to cry or have touchy feely moments...
  8. Aruilly

    Living abroad and my natal chart

    So I was wondering if anyone could help me with this, please. I have been thinking of living abroad or at least doing part of my living abroad for a long time, but i think my natal chart seems to be a double edged sword when it comes to it. I gave some interpretations but im not sure if they are...
  9. Aruilly

    Planets in the First house

    The first house is where we look for when we want to know how we are perceived and how we project ourselves to others. So any planet here would be interesting to take notice, correct? Because a planet in this house could be described as a bonus to your rising sign, an extra quirk of character...
  10. Aruilly

    Need help with Law career

    Hello, :joyful: I hope someone can help me with this For the longest time I have tried to figure out if pursuing a career as a criminal lawyer would be suited for me, actually i wonder if i should pursue law at all. However, everytime i seek advice i get things like 'oh you're virgo with a...
  11. Aruilly

    Hello All, I'm Aruilly

    Hi! I'm Aruilly, an 18 year old, oddball virgo from Brazil. New around here, so nice to meet you all :joyful: I have a huge interest in astrology and I hope this community can make me learn tons more about the subject. :wink: