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    Should I approach this person?

    My own birth chart and hers: SEP 30 90 - 5:54 AM PST JUN 02 98 - time unknown. North American birth. What's happening on the ground... I was browsing twitter, looking at people's thoughts of a movie release I was curious about. I *think* it was the evening of December 26 - like 8, 9 PM?, and...
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    I think we undermine the importance of decade charts

    Perhaps it's all in my head, but it seemed interesting how dramatic the tone switch was from the 70's to the 80's, and the 80's to the 90's - especially in terms of aesthetic and social communication. It was almost like a line as thin as a hair was crossed, and suddenly everyone's sensibilities...
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    North Node Dynamics

    Hi all, I've started a thread about this in the distant past but would like to revisit it. Still very curious about my nodes. The dynamic involving my nodes actually begins in the 5th house with the moon. It rules my 11th house. My 11th is where the SN is. The SN sits next to jupiter. Jupiter...
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    Chart Drawer for Synastry between Person and Place

    Hi everyone, Just looking for a site where I can pair natal charts with the mundane charts of places. All the synastry sites are only focused on two individual people with no date before 1900 available. Any help appreciated, cheers
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    The 2020's.

    So, any takes? Really hoping it isn't as stuffy as it looks to me personally. What's an interesting and possibly weird dynamic is the fact that the NN sits on the midheaven, while opposing a huge amount of Capricorn energy. For those in eastern timezones the moon is earlier in the 5th; in...
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    Observation about Negative/Positive signs, through one decade

    Am I the only one who looks back at 1980's pop culture and notices a stark difference between the early and later part of the decade? Picking an example, how about music videos. During the early 80's, music videos were pretty bright and cheery, off kilter, very zany in their themes. Even ones...
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    My Nodes

    I'm trying to interpret my nodes. I'm having some trouble understanding precisely what it means. My understanding so far is that the node is the actor, the house is what kind of thing it acts in, and the sign the house is in suggests the nature of the "thing'. so in this case it would be an...
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    The 1990s Animation "renaissance"

    I am curious about something which I believe fits in mundane astrology board, and how astrology affects a society's appreciation of various forms of art. In the 1990's, there was a sudden boom in traditional two dimensional animation. Everybody was doing it for everything - even nature...
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    Doing a little study of those born in and after 1990

    I want to know what percentage of people born during what year are here on these astrology forums. I've noticed a trend and want to confirm it!
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    Neptune in Pisces...

    Alright - To post this in the correct forum this time, and also to attempt a gust of fresh curiosity into the subject, I am interested to see all of your predictions on how Neptune in Pisces will affect the global populace and the common ways of thinking and attitudes about both obscure and...
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    Neptune in Pisces...

    I would like to begin a thread on Neptune in Pisces predictions, particularly on a smaller and societal level. I personally believe that the current trend of dry rationalism among youth will give way to a rebellion to its grasp - people will see the attitudes expressed among it as arrogant...
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    Future in Art?

    Hi, I am wondering how my future would be as an artist. Would I succeed? I have been told that my jupiter in Leo is a strong point in terms of creativity in the future. But looking at my chart, this opposes my N. Node and my emotional planet which are both equally important for artists. Is...
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    Involintary Clairvoyance.

    Hello, I am having a problem with involintary empathy/clairvoyance. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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    Adoration of Violence and its relation to the Repression of Libra

    We are all raised under the guise of violence, or according to statistics, about a startling 90% of us. In society, violence is adored and enjoyed. Only a few of us spot this and plegde to nonviolence, while most of us cultivate it. Yet, again, psychology has proven that this behavior is...