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    Read your Lunar Return chart

    I will offer to do a Moon-to-Sun Return and an Advanced-to-a-date chart for anyone who volunteers. The stipulations are as follows: ** Of those who offer their birth data and a brief description of a significant event & event date in their life, I will choose one person and provide both the...
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    transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns

    Moon-to-Sun Returns In the period of 1960-1970 (?) a New England astrologer, Therese Sweeney, privately published a book on a methodology which she called "Solunars". This remarkable little book promoted a different form of Lunar Returns, one in which the Moon was returned to the natal Sun's...
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    Greetings from Massachusetts

    My name is Dave. I've been studying and practicing astrology since the early 1970s. I'm a member of ISAR and have had articles printed in the ISAR journal this past August and last December. My current primary interest area involves precession-corrected Tropical Solar Returns and inbetween...