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  1. Adel

    The 4th December 2021 Solar eclipse effects on me

    The 4th December 2021 Solar eclipse is going to aspect my two interrelated complexes Saturn/Aries trine ASC/Leo opp Moon/Libra Saturn/Aries square Mercury & Sun/Cancer opp Moon/Libra Secondly the transit rising Pisces-Virgo axis, important like when I got message for the first time from...
  2. Adel

    Health problem

    14 July 1967 7.30am Benghazi, Libya When will I be better. I got into typhoid/malaria in late May 2014. My illness is such that unable to walk normally etc. Thank you
  3. Adel

    My health and medicine

    When will I improve and what medicines be used?
  4. Adel

    When will I get sexual satisfaction

    Though married, wife is not interested in sex. When will I have as per need sexual gratification and with wife or some other person will do the job?
  5. Adel

    love and sex

    I am married but I have yet to find it. When will I find it. That completeness and sex and closeness and lov? When will I find love and sex young phuddy...
  6. Adel

    How should I go along in life?

    Hi, I have Venus in Virgo ie detriment (though ruler of Taurus/10th and aspecting it close) Mars fall in Libra Saturn fall in Aries aspecting my Asc and Moon and Sun. What kind of remedies I need to make life better, health/ financies wise? Thanks I have a very good triangle I like. The...
  7. Adel

    What has happen to me (and my health) here???

    What has happened to me (and my health) here??? Hi, I want having this breathing problem from October 2011, 10 months after my marriage and a week after my father's death. It continued, then on 24th May 2014, I began to feel ill, which turn out to be a typhoid and malaria mixture and I was...
  8. Adel

    Liver is Jupiter, but Venus and Mercury also works

    Hi, Liver is Jupiter, but Venus and Mercury also works here. Liver has two major functions besides anabolic function (Jupiter). These are balancing/Harmony (Venus) and digestion ie assimilation (Mercury). So we can keep liver healthy by using Figs(Jupiter), Liquorice (glycyrrhiza glabra...
  9. Adel

    Which time should I choose for an interview?

    Hi folks, I have 15th to 20 March (except 19th, a Sunday) to choose for time of my interview. I think that 18th is good as Moon not VoC and in good aspect with Sun. The time can be 12 pm when Venus, ruler of my 10th natal is along with Sun (lord of navity) in the horary 10th. Moon being 6th...
  10. Adel

    Suitable dates for marriage

    Hi all, I want to ask you folks when is a good time to get married from today till March? My brother’s 10th House is 7th degree Pisces and thus 4th is Virgo with Uranus and pluto residing there. I was seeking Venus exaltation for his marriage which I see is spoilt by combust and...
  11. Adel

    When will I get married

    The question is when will I marry? I have Moon sig and it is in Marriage house. My Marriage house is full with a Stellium. Moon here is debilitated and also separated from Saturn. Venus is natural ruler here and has mutual reception with Saturn, so it is well placed. Hence strengthening it...
  12. Adel

    She sent me an sms

    Hi, After all the problem she gave me last night she sent me an sms saying "I love you". I did not respond very lovingly back, but deep down I love her. She is my love and marriage interest My sig is Moon and hers is Saturn. I am hurt because of communication problem that happened last...
  13. Adel

    What she want of me?

    Hi, This is the girl that I am confused about. What she want of me. Just friendship or considers me just like a brother? just want praise or sympahy, Love or more. She had been hurt by the one whom she live till now as he left her for someone else. She sent me an sms at 2:51pm and...
  14. Adel

    Loves me or something?

    Is she okay with ie loves me or is she hiding something?, talking to others too, like on phone? Last night when I was talking to her around 1:28 am in the night over phone someone called her too. She said that she don't know him and she gave me the number. She is my marriage interest...
  15. Adel

    Time of the contact?

    delete please Time of the contact? delete this post please
  16. Adel

    Marriage matter

    delete this message
  17. Adel

    Contacting father of the girl

    Hi, I want to contact father of the girl. And I want to find a suitable date. Will today at 2:10 pm be okay? Moon is in 7th along with Jupiter which rules 5th. [Moderator edit - Thread moved here, as the thread-starter needs to provide his own interpretation in his opening post when...
  18. Adel

    Will her father be positive

    On 20th at 2:54pm and 3:18pm, chart drawn for 3:00pm, I sent girl's father a large sms message in two parts in which I said to him things spiritual concerning marrying with her and also an important message.I don't know how it will affect him. How will her brother and sister react?And her uncles...
  19. Adel

    My Saturn and Venus

    Hi, My Saturn is in fall in Aries and my Venus is in fall as well in Virgo. While my Venus is in Asc, so it is a bit better off. And I have made many Venus charms after which I found love after much trials. Thanks Allah (God) for that! My Saturn is the highest in my natal in 9th. While it is...
  20. Adel

    Does she love me

    Hi, Does she love me? I think that she does and she will tell me strongly about this. My ideas: Venus ruler of 5th is in 10th (ego, consciousness, awareness), but retrograde not talking much, though it is an affair before retrograde. She will be more direct after 17th April. Venus is in...