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  1. sea_of_qi

    Should I get back with my ex?

    Sun, Mercury and Pluto in the Composite 12th House is enough for me to say you are better off letting this one go. You will undoubtably bring out the worst in each other or at least feel that way and not understand why. With another, life could be sooo much better.
  2. sea_of_qi

    Can a relationship work with a bad synastry but good Composite?

    I agree the Synastry has challenges. Perhaps you should think about how you feel when you are with this person and compare that to previous partners then compare the various charts to separate your personal wheat from the chaff. That said, two together are more than the sum of their parts...
  3. sea_of_qi

    Favorite sex aspects

    Thank you, voice of reason.
  4. sea_of_qi

    Not sure how this translates? Do they x eachother out?

    From the composite, that is a lot of 12th house action which is not good. The relationship itself would be secondary to you both battling your own demons seen as though they are the other person and accusing each other of attacking when in reality you were each trying to love! All of that...
  5. sea_of_qi

    Synastry confusion

    Yes, what can be more complex than human relations. A sound relationship analysis would include Natal, Synastry, and Composite charts combined. Two people can have a good Synastry and Composite but if one (or both) of them has Natal indications of misery and depression/anxiety around...
  6. sea_of_qi

    Synastry confusion

    Some say conjunctions are the most important aspect in Synastry whether they portend good or bad depends. Positive aspects between the lights are a very good sign. Also, adding a Composite chart to the Synastry analysis fills out the interpretation.
  7. sea_of_qi

    Should I give this guy a chance?

    This one is more challenging. Moon is trine Sun but Moon is in the 6th. There could be a great relation but it will take a lot of work and pain/therapy of some form to get there. Mars opposite Saturn is rough, you will both feel frustrated and restricted. There are positive elements here but...
  8. sea_of_qi

    Should I give this guy a chance?

    If you feel attraction I would give it a chance. The Composite has Venus conjunct Jupiter and exact Venus sextile to Mars. No planets in the 12th or 6th. Moon sextile Sun. If you give it a chance, you will know quickly and I'm betting it will be good.
  9. sea_of_qi

    Is my boyfriend a cheater?

    It is everything in terms of detail. However, if your birth time is accurate: You come here looking for the best options to choose from not easy answers. Your need for freedom of movement in all areas of life is something you need to allow for in your personal relations. You and marriage...
  10. sea_of_qi

    Is my boyfriend a cheater?

    It is a bit more complicated than that. Look at the Stickeys at the top of this forum and figure out how to post your own chart and maybe someone will tell you what relationships mean to you in this life. Post the chart of your boyfriend and maybe someone will tell you about him. Post a...
  11. sea_of_qi

    the node and reality

    I went there when he got banned. You can't post if you don't have an account. They are not registering new accounts at this time. I emailed and asked why I could not register an account. No response. Btw, very nice moderation to point members in his possible direction. You are missed rahu.
  12. sea_of_qi

    Where is Bob Zemco?

    Hey BobZemco, we are a little belated this year. The sage asks humble acceptance of the cycles that must be endured. Only a fool tries to stop the turning of the Earth. Here's to hoping you are in a wonderful cycle or at least one where you don't have to fall out of an airplane.
  13. sea_of_qi

    the node and reality

    I think he honestly wants your analysis of the influence of a 6th house (north node in 6th)/12th house nodal axis in relation to career in a natal chart.
  14. sea_of_qi

    Synastry friend or lovers

    There are some very interesting conjunctions and mostly good aspects but the chart is hard to read and it is difficult to see detail. Please post a better chart. There are several guides on the forum. The inner person will have some difficulty in relationships, ruler of the 7th in the 12th...
  15. sea_of_qi

    Sun conjuct Pluto in Composite and Davidson chart..

    12th house is not easy for Venus but post the chart for a complete look.
  16. sea_of_qi

    Is this an unstable relationship? Help please!

    Re: Is this unstable? Well, no planets in the Composite 12th or 6th. That is a decent start. Sun in the 2nd in Cap is good for money making but will make the same a serious issue if they don't see eye to eye. Moon in the 10th in Virgo, good placement, Moon is angular and in her triplicity...
  17. sea_of_qi

    the node and reality

    illegitimi non carborundum
  18. sea_of_qi

    Who feels it more in this synastry?

    His Saturn is conjunct your Jupiter. He will feel enriched and expanded by you. You will feel restricted and "burdened" by him. Your Venus is opposite his Saturn which will make bonding and union (love) difficult for you. Composite chart may give you more insight into how the two of you...
  19. sea_of_qi

    Will it ever work?

    Wow, I feel for your situation. Maybe you two could find friendship at some point and co-parent in a healthy dynamic. But realistically for the long haul Composite Sun in the 6th (with Chiron*) by itself is enough for me to not recommend and keep looking, add Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in the...
  20. sea_of_qi

    Help with synastry and composite

    Composite Moon, Jupiter, Pluto in the 12th, I would let it go. There are so many others out there why put yourselves through that. The dynamic you described will increase the longer you are together.