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  1. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    Aww thank you neptune, despite and sag! I am back at work now and it is so hard. Noah is having a tough time, not wanting to eat until I get home, up all night- like the poor little guy regressed back to being a newborn :) EJ- Well we found out that they raised the taxes for the city! Now...
  2. smilingsteph

    Pluto Transits

    Panik- That sounds like a rough time you had with your mom. I wish you the best. My husband has the same thing as you, Pluto in the 4th natally with Saturn transiting. We are experiencing a total change in our home with a new baby and he seems to be having a hard time with it. He also has...
  3. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    EJ- I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I just put Noah in his rocking chair, and out of my mouth came "Noah I need you to play here for a second so I can write to Uncle EJ." Would you know it he is quiet! LOL. You got the chart right...he is very controlled and disciplined. I didnt see it...
  4. smilingsteph

    After the wrath of Saturn

    I really enjoyed reading your analysis of the Saturn transit. I find that it made a lot of sense to me because it manifested its energies in this way in my life. I felt it took on the manifestation physically first, then the other experiences fell into place just as you said. Thank you!
  5. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    EJ- Thank you!!! I do worry financially, I always have as you said, even as a small child :) odd I know.... This worry has really been bothering me since July when he was notified of the possible your interpretation hit the nail on the head! Even if it makes him search for a new...
  6. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone! EJ- You are so funny, Noah does look like he did all of the work! Hahahaha...I love it! He and work do go well together, I yawn myself a lot these days :) Star- thanks so much for your support! I am so glad you popped in and were able to see my little Noah...
  7. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    Aww Puddin!! My loveh!!! Did you get those chores done today? Sundays are so sweet when you have your chores done for the week...wish I could get some done... Just sitting here baby in lap and reconnecting with you lovelies! by the way get on the chat!
  8. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    Hello everyone! I wanted you all to know I had my sweet baby boy September 5th 2010 His name is Noah He came into this world weighing 6lbs 11oz and was 19 inches long I had some awful medical issues which required me to leave work early, be hospitalized and have twice a week monitoring for my...
  9. smilingsteph

    Its been awhile! Update on baby

    Hello my friends! I have been absent awhile and I cannot find my old thread where I left off from telling you the sex of the baby. I was quite ill, working hard and trying to balance out my life a bit- working, new house, the whole thing! Still trying to find balance to the year that I have...
  10. smilingsteph

    Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign

    Virgo moon- A picture of two ladies on the is crying Sally says "There there Harriett dont cry, you will make a mess" Then Sally is shown handing Harriett a vacuum cleaner from a kleenex box. :biggrin:
  11. smilingsteph

    Does anyone eat packages of dry hot cocoa mix?

    I havent gotten into Nutella, but I do peanut butter scoops. I would be afraid Nutella would become addicting! I love hazelnuts n chocolate!!MMMM
  12. smilingsteph

    oh goodness Am i pregnant??? Yikes!

    Well I have read that if the 5th house significator is in your house, then the child is within... My friend had this and wasnt pregnant. Your moon in pisces would show probable fertility Jupiter in pisces is also fertile No connection to mars, moon or jupiter. I would say no, but then...
  13. smilingsteph

    Cat or Dog owners.

    I have venus as my occidental ruler. I have a cat. Although cats have always seemed so pretty to me, they also are very dirty. Scouraging in the litter box, then when a back is turned they get on the counters, gross! I really like dogs, my mars is in taurus...debilitated
  14. smilingsteph

    Starting out .

    Hi Ronnie! Welcome! Learning astrology for me has been very spiritual and therapeutic. Personally I really enjoyed Liz Greene, and Robert Hand...Donna Cunningham is also great. Good luck, we are all here to help!
  15. smilingsteph

    Am I having a girl?

    Thanks everyone for your participation! Since there will come an answer, within the next month or so, I thought it would be fun just to play around with different answers (although there are only 2 choices) to find out! Freedomlover Funny you mention 5 somethings, because my appointment is in...
  16. smilingsteph

    Pick the odd one out!

    Chart one and two seem likely to me. Chart one because of that libran sun, ruler venus (focus on beauty, food, luxury) in the 8th house. Ruler of the 10th is aqua, which is know for uniqueness in jobs and the ruling planet Uranus is in the 12th, hidden, behind the scenes. Then you have the 6th...
  17. smilingsteph

    Am I having a girl?

    Hello all- I thought this would be fun, because in four more weeks I will hopefully find out the sex of the baby... I heard the heartbeat today and saw the ultrasound and baby is doing good. Me, well I am exhausted. Okay I thought I would ask this question as it is either yes or no, if no then...
  18. smilingsteph

    Feel like I'm going to meet someone soon

    I hope so for you! You deserve a lovely relationship with a nice man with an edge :) I see that the asc is at 3 degrees, could be something starting very early or too early to tell. moon and saturn trine mars and saturn sextile. Being that you are represented by mars I would be a bit less...
  19. smilingsteph

    Endometrial/Uterine Cancer Diagnosis

    I send much love to you back. It takes a lot of courage to be where you are in life. I send blessings that you remain strong and have faith in your own way of treating yourself. You deserve it! I thank you for keeping us up to date on your journey. This has been truly helpful to me as a Nurse...
  20. smilingsteph

    How Does Your Natal Chart React to Stress?

    Oh this sounds like me! Pluto trine sun and mercury! I will work so hard, research anything to prove myself!