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  1. Celeste

    Saturn Transiting 5th compo touching a conjuntion

    hi forum.. so :) ,,, i have been waiting for this man 3 years .. finally he just got single last week...:biggrin: he says he wants to see me again etc.. i hope so. tho maybe he needs some time alone cos it was a messy breakup. there is also the chance he moves in w me bcs his ex is keeping...
  2. Celeste

    She went thru his emails and found out about us

    ...crazy situation... he 'forgot' his computer on ..but he confessed me that he s been thinkin about it and wanted all the secrets out... so he probably did it on purpose subsconsciously...obviously she s kicking him out of the house ....he has to be out by the end of the month... i offered...
  3. Celeste

    Lawsuit - personal injury at work

    so i got a ear damage in this place where i worked even if i was independent contractor i think i could get a settlement.. will i win in court? if i am jupiter not aspecting anything doesnt look good,,, so if i am moon is much better cos moon s in the opponent 7h or rather 6h? since is...
  4. Celeste

    Acoustic trauma

    i intervened late w a cortisone therapy after 3 weeks i was waitin to pass on its own but i guess was a mistake cos now my ears are hissing like snakes all the time. after 8 days of therapy tho i cant see any difference so far. will i fully recover health of my hearing system? thanks. i can...
  5. Celeste

    take ex business partner to court_get $back?

    hi forum.. this guy will not talk to me anymore and after i invested 17k on a business w him he s not returning my emails and calls i d need at least papers stating that i lost that money so i can write it off taxes but he s not responding my attempts of contact. so im thinking to take him to...
  6. Celeste

    signif separating zero degrees

    ...i ve heard when this aspect ( the two significators are separating by 0 deg) shows in a horary chart it can still be considered applying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is that true?
  7. Celeste

    Turning the horary chart?

    ...i was reading an article by Jackie Slevin where says if we ask a question with the subject being someone else we should turn the horary chart... is that correct? i mean, if i would ask 'will he move in with me' - a 7H relationship question-, HE would be the ASC and I would be represented...
  8. Celeste

    two men

    will i be w one of the two? one is older - cappy one is younger -taurus i recently got back in touch w both, - talking online only so far - after 1 and 2 years of no contact i am saturn trine PoF in 5th so maybe the taurus since 5th is in tau? also saturn is novile venus (does horary use...
  9. Celeste

    Will he meet me this week?

    my ex is on again with telling me he ll see me soon. he said he ll have transportation this week so my Q was will we meet this week. i see our signif and moon are not aspecting , but ruler of my 3rd applies to his signif venus and ruler of his 3rd applies to my signif mars. also this weeks...
  10. Celeste

    eclipse and rebirth of the affair?

    i am thinking of one of my ex lovers and might be cos the incoming eclipse. we started a relationship last year around the eclipse then it ended but now he s in my mind again and wondering if we could reconnect so i ve asked if the affair might resume after the eclipse. note: eclipse will conj...
  11. Celeste

    progressions and marriage indicators

    i was reading that some progressions aspects are pretty strong indicators of marriage,,, now, the man i love - we are currently apart but he s tentatively trying to reconnect with me- is the one i am thinking about so i looked at my progressed moon for next year and it will conjunct his sun...
  12. Celeste

    contact me soon? -help w suspect voc moon pls!-

    hi forum this person i really love has become MIA again.. i know he wants to see not easy, there are lots of issues yet he said he wanted to.. but now he hasnt talk in over 2 weeks. will he contact me soon? at first sight looks like theres a great applying 1 deg conj btw me merc. and...
  13. Celeste

    voc moon -should i invest in this business?

    it is a wellness center. there s a woman involved that should be out for the sake of everyone. but anotehr partner i trust. should i stay and add funds to the business? moon voc keeps things idle .. but signif applying could help..what do u think? thank you
  14. Celeste


    i so badly want to get this house goes on auction march 17th will i get it??? im kind of setback by the opposition of me moon and ruler of 4th venus.. but moon trine mars ruler of 10th house could be good? i do want to get this deal...! thanks.
  15. Celeste

    where are moms 2 rings?

    she just told me she had to take them to clean then put them somewhere and forgot where. possible cleaning lady took them? she doubt it. she thinks she put them somewhere but searched and didnt find them one has emeralds and diamonds in it. the other only diamonds. she is saturn in the 7th,,,is...
  16. Celeste

    email back? [ i ll know by tomorrow]

    i m goin to write to my ex but just to ask him an astrology question -since he was also my astrologer- he hasnt talked to me in months i wonder if i ll ask him this question will he answer? is about a solar return he did for me. here s the chart... me venus dont aspect him mars .. moon and mars...
  17. Celeste

    will he reply within 1 week

    my ex just contacted me last saturday. i replied but i havent checked if he has wrote back. for some reasons i m procrastinating the sign in to that messenger... so i dont know whether he replied or not. so i drew a chart... he- saturn applies to me - moon... mars ruler of his 3rd conj me-sun...
  18. Celeste

    love from the past i got an IM from my ex which i still love... i m not sure what he wants since i think he s with someone else now.. my Q is : does he want to hook up again w me [or he s just being curious..]? jupiter - him strong in 4th house squares moon - me in 1st house also co ruler him-neptune...
  19. Celeste

    double whammy square: is that a no?-pls help!

    the man im hoping to hear from came online after over a month so i couldnt resist and i said 'hi hope all is well w you.' but before i sent it he logged off so he ll get it when he ll log in again. my Q is: will he say something in response? i dont know what to think,.. ascendant is kind of...
  20. Celeste

    will he be there (this friday)

    hi horary forum ,i have a new Q ! might have a chance to meet my capricorn :) but is a thin thread of hope. there is a class i want to attend at his store. he s rarely there since the employees run the place but sometimes he s there. if he is .. i ll probably go mute anyways or have an heart...