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  1. Therese

    Epiglottitis and swallowing problems

    Hi All, I would like to ask some advice from those of you experienced in medical astrology. I was diagnosed with epiglottitis on 6th January. I'll skip the details unless you think they are useful. It was tough and quite scary, but we managed to avoid the intensive care unit and intubation...
  2. Therese

    Ascendant in mutable signs

    I would like to do a little research into ascendants in mutable signs. If you belong to this group and you're in the mood to answer a few questions, it will only take you a few seconds. If there are participants, I will share the results here. survey thanks, Therese
  3. Therese

    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

    "On 20 January, all five bright planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – will appear in a line, visible to the naked eye."...
  4. Therese

    Staying alive

    fyi: Vinnie Jones' hard and fast Hands-only CPR
  5. Therese


    Hi All, I was contacted by Bob aka unique_astrology, offering his help with rectification, as he saw that I have been chewing on a few versions of my natal chart since I joined this forum. Maybe some of you are interested in how he is doing it. The only thing is that I am not comfortable with...
  6. Therese

    Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Hi All, I wonder whether any of you feel like looking into the event chart for the Dyatlov Pass incident: , According to the investigators at the time...
  7. Therese

    Bob Dylan and Neptune

    Hi All, I've been trying to have a grasp on Neptune, and I thought of Bob Dylan as a "case study". This is what I have so far, and I'm curious what you think. Bob Dylan 24 May 1941 21:05 GMT -6 Duluth, Minnesota, USA Bob Dylan’s chart is a skewed bucket with a counter-clockwise leaning...
  8. Therese

    photos of the conjunction of moon and Venus .
  9. Therese

    Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026

    Hi, I'm just curious what you think of this. Don't ask me why, yesterday I picked the year 2026, it just came like that, and I tried to see how this day would look like. I noticed that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were up to something, so I started to play with the date until their orbs became...
  10. Therese


    I wanted to embed this video but it seems I cannot do that...
  11. Therese

    astro-logic: trans-saturnian planets

    Hi all, I would like to understand some astrological logic, and I appreciate if anyone is willing to help me clarify things. I am reading "A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer" by Michael Meyer At one point...
  12. Therese

    is a job opportunity is for us?

    (deleted because it is outdated)
  13. Therese

    scorpio stereotypes

    Hi all, I am still a newbie in astrology, but I find it interesting that scorpios seem to attract much more stereotypes than other signs. I am not saying scorpios are pastel-coloured little angels, but do depth and intensity really have to mean that we are all mere puppets of our impulses and...
  14. Therese

    al awwa, the barker

    hi all, I looked into the arabic parts of my chart, and something caught my eye. Saturn is in "al awwa", which is called "the barker" or "howler". And just the mention of barking or howling makes me shiver because I've had dog phobia for as long as I or anyone in my family can remember. might...
  15. Therese

    winnie-the-pooh astro profiles :)

    Hi, The other day my daughter was watching one of the winnie-the-pooh cartoons, The Tigger Movie, and as I had a look with half an eye, I thought to myself "now, there's a Leo". (yeah, I know, I am too much into astrology - I am just learning about it, so I can be a bit obssessive). And I...
  16. Therese

    is this a yod with sun, moon and MC?

    hi, I would like to ask what you think of this, and what significance it could have... thanks, T.