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  1. sasa62

    Unexplained illness for 2 years now... no answers. Is it cancer? Infection? Virus?

    As Frisingal mentioned earlier, the problem does not arise overnight. I would say even earlier than the mentioned 2017. The whole situation dates back to 2015. Practically since 2015, he has been under pressure and a stressful period for 6 years. This is a very long period and it is normal for...
  2. sasa62

    When does a transit have its strongest influence in case of each planets?

    In personal astrology, each transit aspect operates within one degree (most often) The exception is Mars. its action is usually about 2 to 3 degrees before the exact aspect. For Saturn it is a different situation, it also operates within one degree but the "realization of events" is delayed...
  3. sasa62

    Several dificult transits

    Nothing so important, as in the previous period. The most important thing is that you begin to take more responsibility for yourself and your own actions. Although in fact, I expect the right decisions by the end of this year, until then a confused period, with frequent changes in thinking and...
  4. sasa62

    Several dificult transits

    Yes, that might be the remaining energy. Especially if there was contact with your sun when it first appeared. It could be said that you have changed your indentity within this period. You are already a different person compared to a person before 2017. This is also the purpose of this period.
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    Difficult transits?

    Yes, 2015 and 2016 were really a tough year. The purpose of such a period is a complete change of its own indentity. Sometimes such a period is related to partnership relations, sometimes with the father, in any sense. The next two years will also be stressful but this time the purpose of...
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    New to Modern Astrology?

    Prediction is implied in modern astrology
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    daughter's spinal tumor

    The Virgo Asc explains great internal changes in the child's home, and the current home and maternal home. If Pluto - Jupiter's main aspect this certainly could not be a benign problem. (Likewise, if Uranus were concerned) until January 2019 there is a possibility of spreading problems...
  8. sasa62

    daughter's spinal tumor

    any information is very important because I asked - from spring onwards With this question, I also wanted to check the accuracy of the natal chart. Yes, the chart may be accurate, but can not exclude the birth of 4 to 6 hours later... Estimate we get Virgo on Asc and Sagittarius on 4 house...
  9. sasa62

    daughter's spinal tumor

    I'm sorry to hear such news. First of all here all points to significant changes everyday lifestyle. My first question: whether planned or started, any changes in your family from spring 2017 onwards? What are the tumor types benign or not? I ask questions to get a wider picture before I...
  10. sasa62

    T-squares cause psychological problems?

    T square is just one of the elements you look at ... Watching it isolated does not mean a lot. The reason is very simple. does not mean, for everyone, T square (or opposition) equally. Because it depends on the basic structure of a person, whether it is predominantly passive or predominantly...
  11. sasa62

    2018 what can it give to me?

    Major changes in the field of home and change their identity over the next approx. two years until the winter 2019th The slow process of change that began in the spring of 2017 and continued intensively from January to August 2018 Within this period, indications of these changes should emerge...
  12. sasa62

    Several dificult transits

    I would like to add that, most often, the first two periods are the most important, that is, the hardest, although astrological practice confirms that this may sometimes be in the third period. This should mean that the most difficult period probably behind you... if, in total, a transit...
  13. sasa62

    Several dificult transits

    Your words confirm my theory ... but I have to correct myself ... I said that this stressful period ends at the end of 2019, but this is not true, because it ends in early 2019 ... So far the most prominent periods were between February and June 2017, then from December 2017 to the end of...
  14. sasa62

    Several dificult transits

    As Lin has already said, more transit is here. Saturn can not bring such long-lasting problems. Holders of long-term problems are of course Neptune Uranus and Pluto. The keyword for these periods is a change. I suppose that is a key period for your problems emerged between 2005 and 2008 Then...
  15. sasa62

    What placements in a chart indicate someone who's don't knows the own father?

    Usually there is a Neptune aspect to the Sun. Sometimes it comes to the unknown father, but essentially it comes to an absence of the father in the upbringing of a child, for any reason. There is also the variant that person has a father, but a person idealized father figure. These are three...
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    Plz help me figure out my Dominant Planet/s

    If a basic structure for example capricorn, it's his and good and the bad side, because when they get stressful moments then people bursting at the seams ... for Capricorn this is hair or skin or bones etc etc ... see how the characteristic capricorn has trouble of this nature...
  17. sasa62

    Regarding Pregnancy

    ok I just checked the possible changes that have already announced in previous posts. Good luck
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    Prediction for the coming months?

    You'll be pleased if you move from dead center next year no matter how nervous. will offer the possibility of earnings and in some ways independence ... it will be very important for you and for your identity, but you have to move, to start, regardless of how your body is reacted .. . because...
  19. sasa62

    Prediction for the coming months?

    You have no reason to be worried. There will always be a period of tense and some do not. But this can not be the way it was a few years ago ... and that's a fact the only thing that can be problematic is a learned reaction of the body ... But now I repeat what I already said ... you need to...
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    Prediction for the coming months?

    Yes, part time job would be better ... I definitely expect nervousness ... some of these periods can expect cardiac arrhythmias. Certainly exhausting period ... check the level of iron in the blood ... for muscle relaxants good * are bath with magnesium salts But do not let this nervousness...