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  1. deborahdreamer

    mother's chart progressed to autistic son's birthdate

    This is my natal chart, with progressions to the date of my autisic son's birth Oct. 8, 2003. I am trying to find some feedback from any who understands reading progressed charts, as I am just learning. I am not trying to focus so much on identifying astrological indicators of autism, or direct...
  2. deborahdreamer

    domestic violence,drug addiction,court trial, autism

    My name is Deborah. I am a self taught, novice western astrologer at best. I had posted my natal chart, with transits, for an outsider’s thoughts on some of the issues I am currently facing. I do not know much about horary astrology except for what I have read as far as the requirements to erect...
  3. deborahdreamer

    facing a trial

    going through some really heavy stuff; hoping some insight from an outsider might help direct me. gratitude, love, and peace in advance.
  4. deborahdreamer

    second opinion

    I haven't given it much time, but so far no ones interested in my "read my chart" thread. So I'm hoping asking for interpretations on specific aspects/configurations might prove better. I have my moon in the via cobusta in 2nd house with Uranus also in the 2nd at a critcal degree of 28 scorpio...
  5. deborahdreamer

    All this can't be saturn!

    My first Saturn return was no fun! I'm supposed to be astrologically over it by now-but it seems like I have 30 years of baggage wearing on me and it feels like I'm in the fight of my life, for my life. Can anyone offer any insight on other parts of my chart (not saturn) that may be adding to...