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  1. Wilmingtonian

    How do you progress your house cusps?

    I'm trying to learn about progressed house cusps. Can anyone tell me how I can go about progressing them? Or better yet, is there a website that will assist me? (I'm too impatient to deal with a lot of math if I can avoid it.) Thanks!
  2. Wilmingtonian

    What sort of job would satisfy me?

    I've attached my chart. I've had several jobs in the past as things like a Project Manager, Inventory Analyst, and Office Manager, and they really didn't float my boat. All I really seem to like is learning and writing. I'm writing as a "living" right now, but for what I make in a month, it...
  3. Wilmingtonian

    Why does my 2 year old refer to herself as Elsa?

    I am not exactly sure where I stand on past lives. I've felt like I could take it or leave it for a few years. But for the last few weeks my almost-3-year-old daughter has started saying the craziest things. She talks a lot about a girl named Elsa (an old-fashioned name where I'm from) and she...
  4. Wilmingtonian

    Will I ever find him?

    Do you know what I love about the internet? It's anonymous, so no matter how many times you make a fool of yourself... it doesn't matter. On that note, I'm going to take my 3rd stab at a horary chart and hope I get somewhere with this one. My question is Will I ever find my biological father...
  5. Wilmingtonian

    Will the show get picked up by a network?

    I really want to get an understanding of horary charts. I've decided to take another go at this with something a little less emotional. I'm already completely stuck, so any nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. There is a new TV pilot being filmed in my town. It doesn't directly...
  6. Wilmingtonian

    Where do I find a biological father I've never met?

    I found another thread about where to find mother/father and the different theories and it seems this is a more passionate topic than I had imagined. Now I would have thought that Cancer/Moon being the natural ruler of the 4th house would signify that this is the place to find the mother and...
  7. Wilmingtonian

    Will the judge agree with me?

    This is my first post, so please go easy on me. :) I've had a pretty ugly time of things with my ex-husband regarding my daughter. We've been to court several times and it looks like I may need to go back in the near future. We didn't do so well last time... will the judge grant what I'm...