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  1. enigmaticstatic

    In your opinion which distance method is most accurate?

    I am curious which methods of measuring distance have been most accurate for other astrologers? I have used Ivy Goldstein's method as well as another with little luck. Anyone have luck using distance methods?
  2. enigmaticstatic

    Career guidance for professional astrology aproriate for everyone

    I love doing astrology, have done it for about 8 years or so. I often mention that I do it as a hobby, for friends, customers who I did hair for, and various other people who ask for my help. Over the years and even now if the situation is dire or important I help. Seems like every one wants...
  3. enigmaticstatic

    Lost regarding career, job and future in general. Help needed

    I began doing hair and makeup in 2000. By about 2010 I had lost interest and was very unhappy with my career path (miserable). I began attending college and failed out with two credits left before completing my AAS and losing my FASFA. I am floating now in a sea of confusion and unemployed...
  4. enigmaticstatic

    Halloween New moon/dark moon

    Any thoughts on the new moon? All my favorite YouTube astrologers make it sound a bit foreboding
  5. enigmaticstatic

    Determining who murdered anot acquaintances child, advice needed

    Hello, I'm new to this site, a self lead astrologer, no formal training. I have dabbled in horary before. TypicallyI don't anymore. BUT... Recently my daughter asked me to do a chart regarding a heart breaking murder suicide involving a child who was a stranger to my daughter but dated my...
  6. enigmaticstatic

    Hi everyone

    Hello, my name is Michelle and I have been learning astrology for a few years now. I am self taught, but feel strange calling it self taught sense I learned through reading my books written by wonderful astrologers. I really enjoy Celeste Teal and Noel Tyl. Currently I am working on learning...