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    Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham): Born October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was first known for his role as Jimmy Brooks for 8 seasons on the teen show Degrassi. Now he's a rap superstar who is mentored by Lil Wayne. With hits like "Best I Ever Had" and "Find Your Love," Drake has...
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    Drug Addiction, Compulsive Lying/Manipulation in this Chart?

    I have a friend that I really care about, but I can't be friends with her anymore because she is just too much. I was wondering if there is some sign of compulsive lying in her chart? She is a master manipulator and I can't always tell if she's telling the truth or lying. Is there a sign of...
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    POLL: Lady Gaga's Ascendant - Vote Here!

    What do you think Lady Gaga's Ascendant is? For a while now, there has been a debate on another thread. Let's see the results!
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    Mila Kunis Any guesses for her ascendant? sorry, i mistitled this thread. I tried to change the thread name, hopefully the change will show up.
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    Can You Guess...?

    Can you guess what this person is like? What you do see in this chart? This person is my extremely close friend and has quite an interesting life. I'm wondering if her chart reflects this! I can read it but I'm no expert :) This can be fun for people who want to practice chart reading!
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    Moon in Cancer

    Every single website I have looked at describes this position rather negatively. They are always described as lazy, moody, withdrawn homebodies who cling to all things of the past, including trivial things that seem stupid. They are also described as hypersensitive and "smothering" and...
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    I've been wondering what her rising sign is for years now. There has to be some element of luck in her chart because she had no trouble at all becoming famous. She also has 12 or 13 tattoos. Any guesses? My guess is Leo. live performance at Grammy Awards...
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    Taylor Swift.. guess her ascendant.

    There hasn't been much activity in the Celebrity Astrology forum so I wanted to make this thread. Would anyone like to guess Taylor Swift's Ascendant? She is a Sagittarius with a Moon in Cancer. I apologize if someone...
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    Relationship Between These 2 People?

    I'm not very good at doing synastry charts at all so I was wondering if someone could tell me if these two people (the Capricorn is a guy, Libra is a girl) seem compatible? I am especially curious about the huge Capricorn stellium of the guy in relation to the Scorpio stellium of the girl...
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    Astrology and Sex

    Other than the obvious answer of simply "Scorpio," what kind of planets/aspects/configurations make a person have a heightened interest in sex? I don't mean a horrible obsession or a sex addiction necessarily, but more of a fixation on the idea of sex, and the propensity to sexualize a lot of...
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    Guess Sun/Moon/Rising Signs From Photos!

    Hi! I thought maybe we could start another thread where we do the guessing game of trying to figure out someone's sun/moon/asc from their photo! for practice, of course! PERSON #1 I'll start with posting some pics of a good friend of mine! In the third pic, she is second from the right (near...