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  1. only1cake

    Ridiculous Amount of Conjunctions to Personal Planets

    Hi there, brilliant astrology wizards! I could use some feedback about this composite chart I have with a new friend/co-worker. Just a bit of background but we are both gay, and I've been feeling some chemistry between us. I'm still new to composite interpretations, but it seems like we have a...
  2. only1cake

    Will we ever get together?

    Hello there, met a wonderful girl a month and a half ago (Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon) who I have been hanging out /chatting with regularly. Our relationship began a little oddly - we hooked up first, before getting to know each other later. Now, we have an amazing creative/intellectual connection...
  3. only1cake

    How do I come across to others?

    Hello all - I posted before about career questions, and all your responses were so helpful that I couldn't resist asking another. Thanks in advance for all of your insight! For a while now, I've wondered how I come across to people -- coworkers, potential new friends, professors, romantically...
  4. only1cake

    Am I fit to work with people?

    Hello there. I'm new and seeking some guidance in my career path. My undergrad was in music, and I subsequently became a music teacher for kids; Currently I'm a counselor working with adolescents. I want to go into social work, but wonder if this is a good fit for me? I am also a rather...