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  1. cindystubbs

    When will I have a new boyfriend?

    Try a Venus return.Venus on seventh house cusp or just in seventh equals new relationship !
  2. cindystubbs

    6 Retrograde Natal Planets

    I read retrogrades are stronger more deeply ingrained in your nature. I googled it!
  3. cindystubbs

    Will I go blind?

    Try asteroid Astraea which rules eyesight. When had eye surgery it was on lunar return ascendant First thing I notice about the chart is that the moon is legitimately void. It's going to change into it's exaltation (which I see a good thing, it being one of the planets of vision) but it doesn't...
  4. cindystubbs

    Yod in my Solar Return-What does it mean?

    Old post I know!. I have a natal yod to moon in eighth. I am emotional. I always want to improve myself. It works that way for me. I literally transformed myself by losing weight and trying to understand social interactions. (The moon in this house of other people is oddly enough about the...
  5. cindystubbs

    ruler of 4th house in 9th house

    There is a book about this I purchased believe it was Alan Leo may be name. Good book. Natal chart and rulerships important always
  6. cindystubbs

    What is my birth chart ruler? I'm lost

    The ruler of ascendant is Mars. Pluto also rules Scorpio. Others say ruler is most dignified in the chart.
  7. cindystubbs

    algol fixed star event

    The day I have surgery in Texarkana on the 17th May 2016 I find transiting venus, sun, and mercury close to Algol. Does Algol at 26 Taurus have an influence at all?
  8. cindystubbs

    oral surgery with mars retrograde

    I need my teeth pulled. I have an appointment for xrays on April 25 at 1 p.m. central time. Idk if that is relevant. Did hoary on surgery for myself. Im going to try to upload. The South Node is at M.c. which has effect like Saturn. Hoping my family will help with expenses so maybe south node is...
  9. cindystubbs

    Finding the positives in my chart?

    Mars does well in sixth house. Moon pluto trine means emotional strength I believe. Neptune in first cannot decide on career
  10. cindystubbs

    surgery and the lunar return

    Happy Spring to all. Im getting all my teeth removed next month. No big deal. Rising is 9 sagittarius home of Antares. Hmmm. It is the midpoint of mars and Saturn. Podalarius the asteroid meaning surgery is at Ascendant on Antaras. The descendant is midpoint of moon and venus. A little bit of...
  11. cindystubbs

    solar return saturn on cusp of 12th which is natal ascendant

    Thanks for your reply. I think maybe this is my unconscious learning how very much my life has changed. My hubby went blind last year, he is a saturn like person. Symbolically he went into darkness even as saturn is on entering the twelth house. Caring for him keeps me at home. I think that...
  12. cindystubbs


    Did a year of lunar returns. Last month was chewed out by my boss and noticed Algol at m.c. Now Algol is on the cusp of the sixth. IN September it is on the lunar ascendant. Is this star following me? Also have quincunxes showing up for 6 months one month has 2 Yods.Has anyone had a following stzr?
  13. cindystubbs

    Writing/Vocation insight?

    Something you are passionate about and sag is called the storyteller sign. Jupiter plus moon I guess means you adore praise and a spotlight would suit
  14. cindystubbs

    Death in my solar return

    I only see pluto in sixth which for mr meant changes at work and a lovely jupiter on m.c. Changes that benefit you?
  15. cindystubbs

    solar return saturn on cusp of 12th which is natal ascendant

    Saturn is at 29 Scorpio in twelth house which happens to be my natal ascendant. The Sun Venus Mercury Pluto are clustered together in the first I copied my chart to clipboard on my smartphone but dont know how to put it here. I cant find anything about a planet conjunct natal ascendant in a...
  16. cindystubbs

    Combustion, Full and New Moon

    Ascendant in Leo combust Moon. What if your significatory IS THE SUN!!!! Okay are going to have a eclipse tomorrow which I didnt know when I asked the question. I wanted to order some special medicine not available where I live and wondered Hey if I did order it, WOULD I RECEIVE IT TROuble free...
  17. cindystubbs

    combust planets in returns

    I ve been told a return is a horary chart so it seems planets can be weakened by being too close to the Sun. My Saturn return has saturn conjunct Sun. It us my third saturn return. Thinking this aspect means hard work I sm unhappy. The house could be the 7 or 8 cannot fine tune any further. To...
  18. cindystubbs

    My solar return and the grand cross!!!!

    Pix has expired but many times I have struggled at it and nothing happened that year no drama nodal return makes one have great chance meetings and mars oppositions are about independence. Opps are about relationships so need for emotional freedom to express feelings
  19. cindystubbs

    Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars

    I have Alphecca as helical setting star. I am 57. So wondering when does this begin to take effect? Also the rising or helical star, is this for life. I have the brady book too!