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  1. cindystubbs

    algol fixed star event

    The day I have surgery in Texarkana on the 17th May 2016 I find transiting venus, sun, and mercury close to Algol. Does Algol at 26 Taurus have an influence at all?
  2. cindystubbs

    oral surgery with mars retrograde

    I need my teeth pulled. I have an appointment for xrays on April 25 at 1 p.m. central time. Idk if that is relevant. Did hoary on surgery for myself. Im going to try to upload. The South Node is at M.c. which has effect like Saturn. Hoping my family will help with expenses so maybe south node is...
  3. cindystubbs

    surgery and the lunar return

    Happy Spring to all. Im getting all my teeth removed next month. No big deal. Rising is 9 sagittarius home of Antares. Hmmm. It is the midpoint of mars and Saturn. Podalarius the asteroid meaning surgery is at Ascendant on Antaras. The descendant is midpoint of moon and venus. A little bit of...
  4. cindystubbs


    Did a year of lunar returns. Last month was chewed out by my boss and noticed Algol at m.c. Now Algol is on the cusp of the sixth. IN September it is on the lunar ascendant. Is this star following me? Also have quincunxes showing up for 6 months one month has 2 Yods.Has anyone had a following stzr?
  5. cindystubbs

    solar return saturn on cusp of 12th which is natal ascendant

    Saturn is at 29 Scorpio in twelth house which happens to be my natal ascendant. The Sun Venus Mercury Pluto are clustered together in the first I copied my chart to clipboard on my smartphone but dont know how to put it here. I cant find anything about a planet conjunct natal ascendant in a...
  6. cindystubbs

    combust planets in returns

    I ve been told a return is a horary chart so it seems planets can be weakened by being too close to the Sun. My Saturn return has saturn conjunct Sun. It us my third saturn return. Thinking this aspect means hard work I sm unhappy. The house could be the 7 or 8 cannot fine tune any further. To...
  7. cindystubbs

    chart cast DeQueen Arkansas missing dog

    CRIcket is our wonderful Bostn Terrier got away on her leash yesterday evening chasinga rabbit. We have looked through these woods until we werecovered with ticks and scratches. I did a chart scrpio rising aries 6 th. The next aspect of the moon is a square to Venus. Jupitrr at same 21 degrees...
  8. cindystubbs

    missing dog

    At 333 today I did a chart My Boston Terrier who we love dearly is missing Since we love her so much should she be represented by the 5th? I dont know how to post the chart, but the 6 house ruler is Jupiter in the 12 th and the 5th house ruler is close to Pluto so now I am wishing I had not...
  9. cindystubbs

    sr moon conjunct natal moon

    OooOkay so Ill be in the limelight. Moon is midpoint of Uranus and Mars. Possible accident yo someone I nurture (Moon) Pluto in 4th am I relocating? Oooops cant atach chart. Sorry. Jupiter in 10 trine Saturn in 2. Saturn 19 degrees Scorpio the accursed degreeThis chart in in sr thread under...
  10. cindystubbs

    First Planet sets the tone Question

    Is the first planet the closet to and below the Ascendant? I have Mars just in the 12th by a degree, Saturn in 4th. So is mars the planet setting the whole tone for the year or Saturn?
  11. cindystubbs

    Grand Square Solar Return

    I am going to try to add my chart. The Moon is one degree away from natal degree at top of chart. The Saturn Neptune midpoint is Pluto, which I have read means illness, most likely a blood disease or cancer. The persistance of a Libran ascendant in my lunar returns, but not all of them, gives me...
  12. cindystubbs

    Pluto in first house

    Is this bad? I cast a chart about ordering some items online and got this chart. Oh I forgot to save it, anyway Neptune is in the 2nd, so I guess this means no, don't order in hoary chart. There is a lot about Saturn in the first, but not Pluto
  13. cindystubbs

    Death this year for me?

    The ruler of the ascendant is in the 8th house. Saturn is in the 4th. Is it time to draw up a will? The Moon rules the Cancer Ascendant and is on zero degrees Pisces, a critical point. I will try to get an attachment of my solar return.
  14. cindystubbs

    Peregrine planet?

    What if? What if you have a singleton and a peregrine planet? Don't peregrines take all the energy in a chart also??? I have Jupiter at 0 Libra, the only air sign.
  15. cindystubbs

    Me, Moon, Mercury, Venus together M.C.

    I am trying to draw unemployment and had to appeal. The ruler of the 7th house is my Employer and is Saturn who is Retrograde on the cusp of the 3rd house, (written agreements) Leo Ascendant I guess means I am the Sun which is 6 degrees away from the Midheaven, 15 degrees away from Moon and...
  16. cindystubbs

    North node in 12th house

    Re: career choice I have a question if I may ask. What if your North Node is in the 12th house. I never understood this house [person posted question in the middle of someone else's post so moved to new post - Moderator]
  17. cindystubbs

    Venus in 12th house chart interpretation?

    Re: What's the difference between the Sun in (a sign) & the rising (of the same sign)? I have a question. I have Venus in 12th at 28 degrees Scorpio. I was told Venus was to be interpretated as being in the 1st house and that this was done only at the ascendant because the ascendant is so...
  18. cindystubbs

    Kite, Grand Cross, Bucket?

    I would like to know opinions as to what to call my own chart!???? My Moon and Mars are the most powerful planets in the sense I feel them in my own life. My Jupiter in the 10th promising success, I am a failure. My POF is in Taurus, does that mean that the traits of Taurus are needed for me to...
  19. cindystubbs

    Hello everyone

    I have been reading and reading and want to say how great this place is for those of us seeking insight with astrology.:cool: Thanks to all of you for being my teachers! I just noticed I am older than everyone here, oh well. I am 52 and experienced a Chiron return that seems to be putting me...