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    Moon inconjunct Pluto

    This is not about prediction, but it is about a transit. As I teach, I always keep an eye on the "skies". Today, almost exactly at the time the Moon bang-on inconjunct the Moon, two mothers got into a verbal battle right outside my door (to the room in which I teach. Did anyone else experience...
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    Fast Mars

    Just a thought I'm throwing out: As Mars approaches conjunction with the Sun, it reaches very nearly it's fastest direct motion, almost 3/4 the speed of the Sun. At that time Mars is moving so fast, a conjunction lasts quite a long time. For instance, setting an orb of 6 degrees, the Mars/Sun...
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    Moon combatibility

    I'm not sure this particular subject has been discussed before. For years I've noticed that I don't seem to have a favorite Sun sign. I am Libra Sun and Moon, Virgo rising. That's still very little information, but it's a start. I have noticed that when people have the Moon in certain...
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    There are many discussions about the inconjunct aspect and the yod. Why do you think inconjuncts have been given so much attention, but semi-sextiles are all but ignored? Gaer
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    Mars retrograde and nearly stationary

    I hope I am not re-starting a thread. I could not find one about the current retrograde Mars. As I am writing, on Nov. 17, 2007 Mars is 12Can25 Rx. It was 12Can27 on Nov. 15, 2007 It was 12Can27 Rx on Nov. 15, 2007 Mars will not reach 11Can27 Rx until Nov. 27, 2007 It was already there...
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    Intense chart...

    Re: how is your Ascendant and how were you born? Wow, what an INTENSE chart! Gaer
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    Saturn Neptune aspects

    My question to all is this: How do you experience Saturn/Neptune aspects, and not just the conjunction. The descriptions of the aspect alone are of almost zero use to me, since they do not take into consideration houses or aspects TO the Saturn/Neptune aspects. I would think that hard...
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    A question about exaltation

    I have some questions about exaltations I'll start with just one. How did the planet Mercury come to be exalted in Virgo? Of the severn planets considered by Plolemy, all except the Sun and Moon were linked to day and night (diurnal, nocturnal) rulership through signs: Mercury: Gemini...